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Best Coffee Machines (Single Serve & Multiple Cup Coffee Maker Reviews)

After exhausting countless nights searching for the best coffee makers money can buy, we have come up with dream-changer coffee makers for both household and office use.

Any coffee aficionado will agree with me that coffee makers are considered as part of the family in most household both in USA and in Europe. And I hope you will definitely agree with me about that.

For many coffee connoisseur, the day can never be the same without having their usual fix to get started with their daily routine.

Are you thinking of purchasing an automatic grind and brew coffee maker and you don’t know the best to choose? Or you want a multiple or combo coffee maker for several cups at the same time? An espresso or cappuccino semi-automatic brewers? Do not worry, because whatever type of coffee maker you are searching for, we have done the research and you will find it here.

Best Coffee Maker 2018

The questions to answer when thinking about purchasing the best coffee maker in 2018 are:
  1. Is the coffee maker fully flexible for me to operate?
  2. Can the coffee maker serve my favorite coffee every morning or during the lunch?
Knowing that the key to quality coffee does not only depends on the coffee beans itself, but the coffee machine that brews the coffee as well; making the right choice is a criteria in this case.

Answering those two question isn’t the key to having the best coffee maker. There are bunch of things to consider when thinking of purchasing the best coffee maker 2018 which may include whether the coffee maker is going to be a single cup coffee maker/multiple cup coffee maker, automatic or super-automatic. Are planning to buy a budget one or a premium coffee maker? However, there are multiple choices of durable coffee makers in the market that will definitely suit your choice and fall under your price budget as well.

Budget Single Serve Coffee Maker (under $100)

Hamilton Beach 49980A Single Serve Coffee Brewer

If you are among those people that form cues in coffee shops every morning for that double shot espresso to get your day kicked off, with this Hamilton beach single cup coffee maker, you will be saying good luck and goodbye to those coffee shops.

However, we have truly done our home to get you the best budget single serve coffee maker. With this coffee machine, the only option you have left is saying a lifetime goodbye to those coffee shops around the corner tapping into your personal budget. This Hamilton beach coffee maker has a low maintenance cost. It can also brew standard or premium coffee beans in less than the time you wait for your coffee in coffee shops and cost you far less.

Another great quality this coffee maker has is the double brewer option. Whether it’s in the morning or during the lunch, the two way double brewer gives you the opportunity to brew the exact size of coffee that best suits your desire.

The single serve side simplifies your morning routine by brewing the exact cup quantity, taste and flavor that will help you get your day started.

Something of importance to every coffee love: you can program this coffee maker to brew in 24 hour advance time. So you can wake up in the morning and have your coffee aroma stretching under your nose while getting up from your bed.

One more last thing to note about this coffee maker is that t5he two way brewer is designed with pod holder that can brew any kind of soft pod coffee and still retain the demanded taste and flavor. If you roast your own coffee and still contemplate whether or not this coffee maker can handle it? Worry no more, all you need it’s to select the suitable brew option from the multiple brewing options and you are good to go.

  • Adjustable and can brew into any mug or cup size
  • It has brew strength selector for brewing bold or regular coffee flavor
  • Has a programmable panel
  • Can brew as single serve and also as full pot
  • Very affordable and low cost maintenance
  • Easy to clean
  • Glass carafe that is breakable
  • Doesn’t have a permanent filter basket on the single brew side
  • Does not come with a travel mug

Premium Single Cup Coffee Maker

Keurig K250 Single Serve, Programmable K-Cup Pod Coffee Maker

Purchasing this coffee might to your friends and relatives spending more time in your house; even nights so that they can have their coffee with maximum pleasure. That is just a tip of the iceberg when it comes to what this coffee machine can do. Expect nothing but uncompromised cup of coffee with balanced taste, flavor, and aroma. Brewing coffee with this coffee maker, be rest assured that the coffee beans oils will always be included in every single cup you brew.

If you are still thinking of which single serve coffee maker that is best for you; here it is. The Keurig K250 single serve programmable K-cup pod coffee maker is the answer to your search. So search no more because you already have the ultimate all in one coffee maker right in front of you.

When you hear the word “single serve” what always comes to mind is “just a cup.” Well, I will agree with you but there cups that are bigger than the others. With this single serve coffee maker, you will not have to worry which cup that suits best, all you do is to choose the one that best suits your desire as this coffee maker can brew sizes from 4 to 30 oz. K-cup pod brew sizes: 4, 6, 8, 10 oz. K-mug pod brew sizes: 12, 14, 16 oz. K-carafe pod brew sizes: 22, 26, 30 oz. and it did not end with just coffee, you can also enjoy your cup of cacao and tea using this single serve coffee maker. I have heard someone saying “I love the color.” That is another great thing about this Keurig K250 single serve programmable K-cup coffee maker, they come in several colors for you to choose the one that will perfectly suite with your counter-top or kitchen furniture.

For you to be reading this review, it means that you are a coffee lover or someone close to you is a coffee lover or you wish to purchase this coffee maker for your work place or as a gift. In whichever reason you are reading this review, I want you to know that every coffee lover sometimes wants his/her coffee brewed stronger. With this single serve coffee maker, the brewing strength for bolder coffee is included and with an easy to control touch screen that allows you to adjust the controls to your favorite.

There is no matching this K250 single serve coffee maker with any other. The reservoir of this coffee maker is project at the back to help economize space. Everything about this coffee maker is well thought before introducing it into the market. Are you still thinking whether or not it’s the right choice? I bet you, you cannot get anything better than this coffee maker at its price.

  • Dispense hot water
  • Multiple brew sizes
  • Multiple color option
  • This coffee machine can sometimes brew very slow

Single Serve Coffee Makers 2018

BLACK+DECKER Single Serve Keurig K250 Single Serve Hamilton Beach 49980A Aicok Single Serve Coffee Maker Keurig K475 Single Serve
Features It has an easy to clean permanent filter

It can brew two ways

Has a removable filter basket

It comes with an optimum temperature system

Dish washer safety

 Customizable settings

Has a 40oz water reservoir

Brews in different sizes and quantities

Has a multiple color option

Has a 2-way brewing option

The machine can brew in advance while you wake up to have a hot cup of coffee

Brews with soft pots

It has a one touch start button

Removable drip trays

It has a single cup design

Comes with a Cool touch extractor

Dish washer removable parts enabled

It has customizable settings

You can select the brew size that suits you most

You can choose from various temperature options

Comes with 70 ounces of water reservoir

 Warranty  2 – year limited  Warranty can be purchased upon request  Has a limited warranty  The warranty can be looked up from the manufacturer’s website  Has a Keurig warranty and support
 Price  Budget  Premium  Budget  Budget Premium
 Brew options  Has two ways brewing methods  Has a variety of brewing options and quantities ranging from 4 to 30oz  Has a two ways brewing options  Single cup brewing option  It can brew K-mug, K-cups and K-carafe pods
 Heat  Optimal temperature brewing system  Brews at optimum temperature and pressure  Optimal brewing temperature  Maximum temperature with heating signal  It has various temperature options to choose from
 Rating  3.9 of 5  4.1 of 5  4.3 of 5  4.2 of 5  4.0 of 5

Multiple Cup Coffee Makers 2018

Well multiple cup coffee makers are great type of coffee machines that can serve good number of people at the same time. So that boils down to if you are having a dinner party with friend, colleagues or loved ones, by owning the best multiple cup coffee maker, you worry less as these kinds of combo machines are programmable to start brewing at a particular time, and also can brew for demanded quantity with no errors attached. Yeah, that sounds great.

If you are the kind of person that has problem with choice, dhis coffee might to your friends and relao not worry; I have taken enough time to do the research for you. I have come up with the most durable, reliable and affordable multiple cup coffee makers that are top rated in the market. All you need is get it and enjoy well brewed coffee whenever and with whomever you want- and not just anywhere near the coffee shops, but in your own house.

4-cup Coffee Maker

Excelvan CM6811 Steam Espresso and Cappuccino Coffeemaker

As for Excelvan espresso and cappuccino coffeemaker, everything is simple. This coffee maker is designed for small families or bachelors. Although not everyone drinks 4 cups of coffee at a sitting. But trust me, some coffee aficionados will more than 4 cups at a sitting.

Without losing the topic; with this stylish and professional espresso coffee maker, you will indulge in exceptional coffee making with high standard at home. The 4-cup espresso and cappuccino coffee maker is easy to use and easy to clean. Knowing that such a reliable coffee maker is right in your house waiting to brew for you, will there be any need spending that extra cash in coffee shops?  The answer to that is definitely no.

Flavor freak? This is the right coffee maker for you. The Excelvan CM6811 steam espresso and cappuccino 4-cup coffee maker is designed to brew coffee with great taste by forcing high pressure water over the grounds to produce an exceptional coffee with full flavor.

Be assured that you will no longer wait for so long to have your coffee. It takes this coffee maker lesser than what it takes the commercial barista to deliver 4 cups of freshly prepared and hot coffee.

Are you looking for a coffee maker that the design and color will firmly suit with your kitchen or counter? This 4-cup espresso and cappuccino coffee maker is designed with modern stainless steel that will add a sophisticated look to your kitchen design and counter-top. Why would you need a measuring container when this coffee maker comes with carafe that has water level gauge for easy calibration?

Not everyone likes coffee makers or gadgets with lots of buttons on them. That is another thing that makes this 4-cup espresso and cappuccino coffee maker a great choice. It is simple and has a single control with an indicator light. It also has an exclusive steam selector that makes it easy to control the brewing and steaming for achieving the proper brewing strength of your coffee. They say, “A word is enough for the wise.” With this Excelvan CM6811 steam 4-cup espresso and cappuccino coffeemaker, you get nothing but the best quality coffee.

  • Water gauge functional spoon
  • Safety auto-pressure system
  • Breakable glass carafe that needs careful handling

12-cup Coffee Maker

BLACK+DECKER 12-Cup Thermal Coffeemaker

When it comes to the Black and Decker 12-cup coffee maker, the party becomes, “serve yourself.” This 12-cup thermal coffeemaker is the right choice for the family breakfast and also for your dinner parties. No one needs to stand in a line to get a cup of freshly prepared hot coffee. All they can do is, walk up and pour some coffee. That means, there will always be coffee in the carafe for you and your guest throughout the party.  Or do you need it in the office? Less of the issue, the black and decker 12-cup thermal coffee maker will always be there to brew for everyone.

Are you are coffee connoisseur and you are wondering if you can ever get a coffee maker that will brew a full travel mug for you every morning? Do not worry, with this coffee maker, you get you fix throughout the day. This coffee maker also keeps the coffee hot for you to enjoy anytime.

No matter how woozy you maybe every morning, you can easily find the quick touch programmable panel that lets you to set the desired brewing system that suits you.

What makes this black and decker 12-cup coffee maker gain its popularity is the size of the carafe. The carafe is 12-cup sized and also vacuum sealed to keep the coffee hot and drinkable for longer periods of time. Not only that your coffee stays hot, the carafe has a wide mouth that gives easy access for cleaning.

Are you still contemplating? I guess you are not. With this black and decker coffee maker, you are guaranteed to have your coffee anytime and at the desired quantity. Check out the brew strength selector and the auto-sneak a cup feature that temporarily stops the coffee flowing when the carafe is suddenly removed or when you want to pour yourself some coffee. This helps you to avoid mess counter all the time. This is not a feature you can find in every coffee maker.

With the black and decker 12-cup thermal coffeemaker, you do not have to worry whether you easily forget to turn off the appliance in the morning before kicking out for your daily work activities. The automatic brew and automatic shut off features allow this coffee maker to be able to brew you fresh coffee before you wake up every morning and shuts off if there is no one there to do so making it a safe gadget that gives you peace of mind.

Allow me to also remind you that not every coffee maker has an even-stream shower head. Okay, I will make that simple and understandable. The even-stream shower head lets the coffee maker to be able to spread water evenly on the grounds during brewing thereby extracting every single flavor and ingredients contained in the coffee beans without leaving any for a waste behind. Tell me you just made up your mind to purchase this coffee maker. Then I will tell you one thing: you will be glad you did buy this coffee maker. It’s your best option and your best bet.

  • Water-window gauge
  • Sneak cup technology
  • Freshness indicator
  • Dishwasher safe carafe
  • The machine can lose time in case of power failure

Drip Coffee Makers

If you are thinking of buying a drip coffee maker for your household and you have not yet made up your mind, do not worry I have done the researching for you to help you shallow your choice one that is perfect.

This type of coffee maker is most used in the USA. This means that it can be found in the majority of American’s kitchen. Drip coffee maker lets you to brew coffee for your entire family within a very short period of time and it is very easy to operate.

With so many manufacturers in the market today, there are wide range of options to choose from. But the question still remains whether you can make that dream changer choice for a drip coffee maker and that is where I fully come in as a professional in this field. Here I have narrowed those millions of multiple choices into just two choices.  You are welcome if it’s your intention to thank me for that because I often get mails and comments from our readers thanking me for such great work that I have done in the past.

Automatic Drip Coffee Maker

Braun KF7150BK Brew Sense Drip Coffee Maker

Braun brew sense drip coffee maker or nothing more. This automatic/sense drip coffee maker will unleash the culinary creativity in you. Using this automatic drip coffee maker helps you to draw the line between brewing a good and a perfect coffee.

This coffee maker brews for satisfying flavor and taste balance. If you are a coffee lover, you should know that every satisfying coffee experience begins with the coffee maker that brews the coffee. You can buy the best premium coffee beans, but with less standard coffee maker, you get nothing but flavor water taste. But that is not so with this coffee maker. This Braun coffee maker brews delivers your coffee with every single drop of oil in the coffee beans with balanced taste and flavor.

It has a unique and pure flavor system that brings out the essence and complexity of each grounds you brew. For ultimate in precision, it has an innovated carafe lid that seals in the flavor and the anti-drip system allows you to pour some coffee anytime without being worried about the automatic drip coffee maker continuing to drip during the time.

Do you like enjoying your coffee every morning before leaving for work or you like to carry some coffee with you in your travel mug while you head out for your daily routine, in either way, the Braun automatic drip coffee maker has 24-hour programmable option that lets you program the coffee maker to brew you some fresh and hot coffee as you wake up in the morning. You will not have to wait for that first sip anymore. In other words, that will become the opposite using this coffee maker as your coffee waits for you freshly prepared every morning.

With its large display that lets you program for your desired brewing time. You can easily navigate through the controls to choose regular or bold coffee with the strength functions that helps you to personalize each brew keeping the flavor within.

You gain maximum satisfaction in every cup. Isn’t that the reason you are making this choice for this automatic drip coffee maker? Your coffee with the Braun automatic drip machine is made at the right temperature and the right brewing time to extract the right flavor and aroma. With this coffee maker, space is economized. The condensation drip tray ensures that waste water goes where it should stay inside the coffee maker. This Braun automatic drip coffee maker is easy to use and easy to clean.

  • Pure flavor brewing system
  • Large digital display
  • Anti-drop system
  • Damageable glass carafe

Manual Drip Coffee Maker

Osaka Pour-Over Coffee Dripper with Wood Stand

The manual drip coffee maker can also be known as the pour over coffee maker. However, there are so many brands in the market today. But this Osaka Pour-over coffee dripper with wooden stand is a great set of manual drip to have in every household that enjoys freshly brewed coffee for breakfast or lunch.

With this one, you do the brewing yourself by gently pouring hot water in circular motion over the grounds allowing the coffee to drip through the stainless steel filter. This filter does not deprive you of all the natural oil found in the coffee beans, but rather, it will provide rich and clear balanced coffee after each brew unlike paper filters that eliminates the beans oils and flavors.

Osaka, a Japanese indigenous company known for their excellence in drip coffee maker. This company carefully designs its products to satisfy your coffee craving by its inspired aroma, unique brewing techniques and its care attractive design. This product is simple, but its simplicity guarantees that you enjoy your coffee fresh using the manual drip method.

This pour over coffee maker is easy to use and great for the price. A stunning wood trimmings and aesthetically pleasing wire design for easy brewing that has grips on the bottom that prevents it from falling off the counter during use. There is no doubting it, the bottom wood is water resistant and they come in several amazing colors.

Nowadays, nobody wants to consume products that contains harmful chemicals. Osaka pour over drip coffee maker has a borosilicate glass server that is adorned with stunning wood finishes. It is thermal shock resistant, does not absorb residuals and chemicals leaving you with nothing but a fresh tasting coffee anytime you reach out for that refreshing brew.

  • Stainless steel cone filter
  • Shock resistant borosilicate glass carafe
  • Amazing for a gift
  • Wood made bottom made from mahogany
  • You have to boil water and pour it over yourself

Manual Coffee Makers

Manual coffee makers are very common household type of coffee makers. They are mostly non electric systems which means they can be easily carried around. They are cheap and reliable. They can also be very handy and you do not have to worry about their weights if you need arises to carry them along with you to sit out within your household with your friends and family.

These type of coffee makers ranges from the well-known French press; the best cold brew coffee maker, and the best stovetop coffee makers to say the least. I have so far taken enough time to research for the top reliable and best affordable types for you to choose from to become your own home coffee barista and they let you to enjoy coffee with refreshing taste, aroma, lasting flavor and retentive coffee oils.

French Press Coffee Maker

You might be wondering why I have decided to bring you a tabled three brands with different ratings. Although that is part of the reason, but the main reason I have decided to come up with three types is to give you the opportunity to choose the one that is best for you. French generally work with the same method and they are used to brew coffee or tea in the same way. So I will be generalizing the reasons you have to choose a French press coffee maker as your number one choice for home hacks coffee brewing.

Allow me to make it clear that for decades, French press coffee makers have been known as the most simple and pure method of brewing coffee. Wonder how is that possible? French press coffee maker with its classic and effective way of extracting coffee beans essential oils which otherwise is lost during the process of filter paper type of coffee brewing; it delivers bold and unique coffee with flavor right in your cup.

With French press, you only have to wait four minutes to get your coffee ready. Yeah you heard me right, four minutes with the temperature that brings the optimal extraction power for the oil in the coffee beans.

No strength required, no professional knowledge is either required. All that is required is just to press the plunger with an ease to lock the grinds at the bottom of the carafe to terminate the brewing process.

If you are a new user and you really don’t know much about how to use French press coffee maker, look through the guide section in this product review. Someone once said, “I wish there could be a 12 volt French press coffee maker.” to me, as technology grows very fast, one day a 12 volt French press could be invented and it might as well be known as all in one.

One more thing, I have been using French press for a very long time and my only advice is that it is worth having. The simplicity it possesses makes it nothing but the best choice for its reliability, affordability and less time consuming.

Material Breakable glass French press with handle and glass protection Double Wall Stainless Steel French Press Coffee Maker with Patented Dual Screen Breakable glass French Press Coffee Maker without glass protection
  • Dish washer friendly
  • Protective design
  • BSP / BPA free
  • Double wall 18/10 stainless steel
  • Double insulated carafe
  • 5 year warranty
  • No waste
  • No capsules
  • No paper filters
  • A poor frame design with brittle glass likely of breaking
  • It is very expensive than most average manual coffee makers
  • Breakable glass carafe that needs careful handling

Cold Brew Coffee Maker

OXO Good Grips Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Are you a coffee fanatic? Are you tired or drinking coffee with that bitter taste? Maybe you are hungry to try something new on your own. The answer to those questions is never say never. With the Oxo good grips cold brew coffee maker, it is time to become your own barista and drink better quality cold brew coffee.

After doing a long market research for the best affordable, great quality and long lasting cold coffee brewer, I am pleased to let you know that my findings have lead me to nothing but an ice-breaker cold brew coffee maker.

The cold brew mechanism of this cold coffee maker makes less bitter, smoother, and less acidic ice-coffee. One quality every coffee lover needs is an easy to use and easy to clean enhancement. With this cold brew coffee maker, you get nothing less than your expectation. To achieve the best taste and flavor, steep the grounds in cold water and watch it delivers your coffee in short time.

Imagine having your concentrate to last longer than the regular coffee, which is one thing you do not want to miss using this Oxo good grips cold brew coffee maker. If you enjoy occasional casual cup, you will enjoy the taste of the coffee brewed with this coffee maker.

This cold coffee brewer has a system that is known as make it rain. This enables the rainmaker to evenly spread water for optimal flavor during coffee brewing process and with the end result of less acidic and great flavor ice-coffee. It comes with ultra-fine mesh filter that is reusable and very easy to clean not just that, but it can be purchased from almost all nearby coffee shop or if you like shopping online, you will not need to look for long because they are rampant. I think that is also a good thing when you have a cold coffee maker that you can easily access its parts when necessary. The paper filter is also a factor that works hand in hand with the cold brew system to deliver your coffee at your desired pace.

Imagine what this little boy can do. As the cold brewer is specially designed for counter-top, this cold coffee brewer helps you to avoid messing up your counter by automatically pausing when carafe is suddenly removed whenever you wish to have a cup of coffee during the brewing process.

Knowing the functions of the coffee maker you want to purchase and the buttons enhancement for easy operation is critical. With the flip-switch of this cold brew coffee maker, you get the most simple and easy to use switch that activates filtration process while keeping your hands clean. The full carafe of this coffee maker measures between 12 to 14-cups.

If your body system is sensitive to coffee, remember, with this Oxo cold brew coffee maker no more drinking bitter or acidic coffee. You only get fresh, tasty and high flavor cup of coffee.

  • Coffee stays fresh for up to two weeks in the ridge
  • Calibrated glass carafe
  • Rainmaker system
  • Glass carafe that needs to be handled with care or it gets shattered

Stove Top Coffee Maker

Bialetti Moka Express 12-Cup Stovetop Espresso Maker

Unlike any other, the Italian based Bialetti Company has been known for over 80 years of excellence in the manufacturing of moka pots. The company has manufactured more than 200 million moka pots that let coffee lovers to enjoy coffee with ease. The beauty of moka express 12-cup stovetop espresso maker doesn’t just end with its classic design, elegance or simplicity, but its beauty is wrapped up with brewing the best espresso whether a single shot or 12-shot anytime you crave for it. This manual espresso coffee brewer is iconic and millions of consumers have enjoying drinking coffee using it.

If you like something simple but productive, then moka express 12-cup stovetop espresso maker is definitely the right choice for you. The 12-cup stovetop espresso maker brews rich, authentic espresso coffee in just a few minutes. So you do not have to wait for so long to get your espresso coffee brewed. This manual coffee maker has a distinctive eight-sided shape that helps it to perfectly diffuse heat to enhance the aroma of your freshly prepared espresso. It is a true quality, and the best quality always speaks for itself.

  • For better taste and quality coffee using the moka express 12-cup stovetop espresso maker, always use filtered water when brewing your coffee
  • Try to use average heat for better brewing. As for first time users, do not worry if you did not get the exact brew the first time due to overheating. It may take some trial and error to get it perfectly working for you.
  • One more thing is using the perfect grounds. Grind coffee beans for moka express 12-cup stovetop espresso coffee brewer to be slightly more coarse

When families and friends gather to spend time together to have cup of coffee, there is no better serving manual espresso coffee maker to use than moka express 12-cup stovetop espresso coffee maker. It has become the leading brand around the globe because of its high quality that enhances functionality, simplicity and perfect for get together. It is a beauty that is found in nine households in Italy among every ten. It is easy to use and easy to clean. This manual coffee maker is produced for 1-cup, 3-cup, 6-cup, 9-cup, and 12-cup. Every one of this moka pot size makes the best coffee.

  • Stainless steel
  • Super-fast
  • 2 year warranty
  • Safety valve
  • The coffee made by this moka pot is weaker than the ones made by pressure brewers

Programmable Coffee Makers

Are you among the few people who still sometimes ask what the purpose of having a programmable coffee maker is? Or you are among those great fans who enjoy the world of robotics and want every gadget they own to independently function on its own? More than 40% of the home friendly user gadgets are programmable. Take for instance a programmable vacuum cleaner that automatically cleans your apartment before you wake up every morning. However, you program your alarm clock to wake you up at a specific time every morning. I also enjoy that as well.

So knowing that with a programmable home friendly gadget life will get easier. Do you like enjoying a cup of coffee every morning before leaving for work? I have done all the hard work for you. The only thing left is just for you to choose the one that best suits you and place an order. They are nothing to compare with most non electric coffee makers. I present to you nothing but the top rated, best quality and durable programmable coffee makers, and above all, they are worth the money.

Let’s look into some of the programmable coffee makers that can be programmed before bed time and the next morning, you wake up to have your coffee finely brewed, hot, fresh with great taste and flavor. If you are truly a coffee lover, then that will be enough to turn on your best mood and get you ready to kick off with your daily routine.

Semi-automatic Coffee Maker

Gaggia Classic Semi-Automatic Espresso Maker

Your best buy and your best bet. No telling of long stories or unnecessary parsing of a semi-automatic coffee maker that cannot function properly and delivers failed coffee. Who wants to throw his/her hard earned money into buy a failed semi-automatic coffee maker? You already know that answer to that question. Striving for the best, I took enough time to research and figure out an exquisite, reliable, durable, and firmly designed semi-automatic coffee maker in the market that answers “oh yes, I can” to all your questions.

As a coffee lover, your only passion having well brewed and good quality taste and flavor controlled coffee. You do not want to spend an extra cash for a premium coffee beans all in the name of brewing it with a failed coffee maker. Gaggia classic semi-automatic espresso maker is your only choice.

Gaggia classic is a worldwide bestselling brand. Now that they have developed a semi-automatic coffee maker, be sure to get nothing but the best quality. As a coffee aficionados, the gaggia classic semi-automatic coffee delivers your favorite coffee anytime of the day and it is easy to use.

The machine has a commercial chrome plated brass port filter and the brew group performs excellently during heat stabilization. This machine is easy to control and easy to use. On purchasing this semi-automatic coffee maker, you do not need to separately purchase pressurized or commercial filter baskets. Yeah, you got it right, no more extra spending after purchasing this coffee maker.

To say just a few about this excellent semi-automatic coffee maker, it is built with semi-commercial parts. That means it is very durable and most of the parts can be changed when necessary. The 3-way solenoid is one of the commercial drip free operation features that leaves you nothing but a dry puck that is easy to remove.

As an epitome of simplicity, the stainless steel casing makes it to always look clean, attractive and simple. This is no more time for purchasing bulky and cheap plastic made semi-automatic coffee maker. Think about the 3 different styles of 50mm commercial port filter that is made from chrome plated brass, all for free and come with the coffee maker. Air is siphoned through a hole directly to the milk creating a rich and creamy milk all thanks to the pannarello steam wand.

  • Commercial grade and sturdy constructed
  • All accessories included for free
  • The steam valves do not last and they are not very cheap

Automatic Coffee Maker

Keurig K75 Single-Cup Home-Brewing System

This automatic coffee maker will take you to the next level. With the Keutig K75 single cup home brewing system is nothing but a true coffee brewer. Have you been thinking of that breath taking automatic coffee brewer and you really don’t know that one to choose or how to dig deep into their functions? Or maybe you don’t even have enough time to start researching and surfing the internet for the best automatic coffee brewer? Worry no more, I have completely done all that research and surfing the internet on your behalf. You only have one final step to have this Keurig K75 single cup home brewing system to get installed into your kitchen to add more glamour to your kitchen gadget and not only that, but to always brew you that quality coffee whenever you need it.

Believe it or not, not every automatic coffee maker can brew your coffee with great quality and at the same time brews you a cup of tea, hot cacao and even an iced milk coffee base drink just at the push of a button. With this automatic coffee maker, the era of buying coffee from a coffee shop is over. Now it’s the time to become your own coffee barista at home.

Does the size of your coffee matter? This coffee maker has the ability to brew 5-in-1 single cup of coffee. I hope that does sound perfect to know. This coffee maker offers you a full spectrum of features that includes adjustable temperature controls, auto turn on/off, brewing cup size options, digital clock and many more.

One thing you are sure of you are out of the list of automatic coffee machine owners who often refill their machine reservoir: one brew, the next thing is refill. This coffee maker has a 72oz detachable water reservoir that lets you brew up to 10 cups of coffee before thinking of whether to refill it or not.

Are you worried it cannot brew directly into your travel mug? Worry no more, with the help of the removable drip tray, it is easy to brew into the travel mug and easy to use. An award winning sleek coffee maker design. Imagine turning on the coffee maker at night to feel the glamour of the both the inbuilt blue light in the reservoir and the LCD blue lights. A true award winning design.

A word of advice, if you are thinking of a reliable and durable automatic coffee maker, the Keurig K75 single cup home brewing system is your only option.

  • Larger water tank
  • Large drink size
  • Controls navigation made easy
  • The auto brew option only works for the carafe and not with the k-cups

Super-automatic Coffee Maker

A super-automatic coffee maker is a kind of coffee machine that when you put your coffee beans into the grinding section, all you need to do is push a button and the coffee maker will get your coffee beans grinded, tapped, brewed and you get the end result as coffee which is brewed into your desired container. With this type of coffee machine, you can brew coffee and froth milk at the same time. Super-automatic coffee maker can make a base espresso coffee drink and other coffee-milk drinks like cappuccino, macchiato and latte. The machine can also be regulated to brew from strong to light coffee depending on your choice.

KRUPS EA8808 2-IN-1 Touch Cappuccino Espresso Machine

Having this kind of machine gives you the guarantee that you are automatically your own coffee barista and you are never going to buy those expensive cups of coffee no more or even standing on a cue in one of the coffee shops around the corner before going to work. This super-automatic coffee machine will deliver that great cup of espresso, macchiato, cappuccino and latte at the push of a button.  Let’s dive into some of its functions and features.

As my parents are getting older and my father an espresso lover, while my mother loves having her milk coffee base drinks, I have thought for quite some time the best gift to give any of them on their birthday and the best thing that I could ever think of was the Krups 2-in-1 Touch cappuccino super Automatic Espresso machine. Only the name of this machine tells you it will be an ice breaker for any coffee lover or milk coffee base beverage drinks.

We always want the best when purchasing commodities we use either at home or in the office. This one is not an exception. It has an easy to read display with an intuitive large color screen that lets you select all your desired programs in seconds. With the touch screen, you can customize all your favorite brews in advance.

The programmable auto clock lets you to set the super automatic coffee maker’s auto on/off and it lets you to be able to enjoy an extensive recipe with the help of personalized button features at one touch. With the one touch cappuccino block, milk suction pipe is easily attached for frothing the milk in seconds thereby allowing you to enjoy your latte and cappuccino with shiny, creamy and well frothed milk.

STOP thinking of which super automatic coffee maker to purchase. I have already done all that head bursting research and homeworking checking for the best and you have the perfect one right in front of you.  This super automatic coffee machine lets you, your friends and family enjoy all coffee recipes you can ever ask for all in the punch of one button.

There is no better super automatic coffee machine that can brew your cappuccino and latte at the same time. Some people talk of the machine as the brewing wonder.

No more complaints about how expensive you can maintain your coffee machine. Count this super automatic coffee machine as one of the low cost maintenance coffee maker you can get at the present time.  The water reservoir and beans container lets you to easily and quickly set up your espresso maker. For top comfort, you can easily remove the one touch cappuccino block to attach the milk suction pipe with ease. After purchasing this coffee maker, the only option that you will be left with enjoying your favorite and finely brewed coffee any time, any day.

  • Display touch screen
  • Low maintenance
  • Prepares 2 milk coffee base drinks, cappuccino and latte at a time
  • Noiseless compare to other super-auto coffee makers
  • Coffee beans with flavor are not recommended for use on this coffee maker

Grind and Brew Coffee Makers

Asking whether you love coffee might seem to be an understatement. But asking what you are willing to do to have the best coffee brewed at home before heading for the day’s activities might be the right question. If you are a coffee lover, you definitely know that after so many years of buying expensive cup from coffee shops, it will be worth it to have your own coffee maker. With the best grind and brew coffee maker, in other words known as all in one coffee maker; you will say goodbye to those expensive coffee shops and the cuing up every morning at those coffee shops before heading up for your daily routine. Brewing with one of the best home coffee makers with an integrated grind and brew features is an assurance of not cuing up at any coffee shop and saying goodbye to those expensive cups of coffee. Wake up and have a fresh cup of coffee freshly brewed with your best flavor and desired quantity to kick of your day.

Grind and Brew Coffee Maker

DeLonghi ESAM3300 Magnifica Espresso/Coffee Machine

This super-automatic coffee maker can grind and brew your coffee with an exceptional aroma before you get up from bed every morning. It comes with double stainless water boilers that ensure heat distributions and effective re-heat function which helps the coffee maker to always remain on an ideal temperature. This combo coffee maker is a great choice if you like coffee drinks with milk such as latte and cappuccino. It has a front panel with an easy access to the control switches and this is one feature you really want to pay attention to when buying any kind of coffee maker especially one such as grind and brew coffee maker. With this machine, you do not have to worry about water level because it has a sensor that measures the water level. Here are other things you need to know about this grind and brew coffee machine:

Easy to handle and clean and not only that this grind and brew coffee maker has a self-adjustable feature for one or two espresso cups, it has a compact and extractable brew unit that is very easy to clean.

Considering size and compatibility, one of the things that I am very happy with about this machine is that it has the features of a full size automatic coffee maker, but it has a considerable compact design that makes it to beautifully fit on your kitchen or office counter top.

Milk frothing for people who enjoy milk – coffee drinks, this machine is definitely the right choice for you. Before throwing my hard earned money into this machine, I did a lot of research and I found out that this machine is very easy to use when frothing milk for cappuccino or latte. It creates rich and creamy froth just the way you like it.

This coffee maker brews faster than you can ever imagine with its rapid cappuccino brewing system that maintains the required optimal temperature. This will enable you to instantly brew cappuccino cup after cup with required water temperature. Do you have a better option? I truly believe the answer to that question is: no.

Fresh grounds for every cup with the help of an integrated grinder system that is adjustable, helps you to set your grinder to deliver a finely grinded coffee to ensure the maximum freshness and flavor of your espresso shots.

Constant brewing your coffee is automatically with the required density, richness and temperature anytime you want it. This machine has a customized setting that guarantees you get your favorite brand cup of coffee always.

Using the Customized espresso settings, the machine is designed to be able to retain information through the programmable panel. This allows it to retain the strength of the espresso shot and the sizes of other preferred coffee drinks.

  • No waiting between cups
  • Self-auto program memory
  • Multiple coffee brewing choices
  • Not everyone likes noisy coffee maker can be noisy when brewing

Coffee Maker With Grinder

Jura IMPRESSA C65 Automatic Coffee Machine

This automatic grind and brew coffee maker is your number choice if you it’s time to brew your own coffee at home with comfort and to say goodbye to those coffee shops you spend some couple of minutes cuing up for your turn and your ordered cup of coffee.

With this this coffee machine all you need to do its push the button then relax and your coffee will be ready within some minutes. The quality of the coffee and the brewing time are not to compare with the money and time being spent in lines in coffee shops.

Ask me why you need the Impressa c65 automatic coffee machine? Because it works better with the one-switch operating concept of the rotary switch which makes it easy for anyone to use. With the 11-language plain text display, you can program it to brew in your mother language. There are very few coffee makers in the market that have the same language functions interface.

However, the high performance conical grinder lets it grind and brew and serve your coffee with the best taste, aroma and flavor. If you are still thinking whether or not to purchase this coffee maker, I will advise you to think no more. With this coffee machine, you will be waving goodbye to bad quality brewed coffee.

Thanks to this coffee machine, everything about brewing and having a good quality cup of coffee now boils down to pushing just a button. It is easy to operate and less troublesome finding your way around it for the first time.

If you are a coffee lover, you will agree with me that the quality of any milk coffee drink depends on the coffee maker. The frother’s fine foam technology ensures that the milk foam it’s of a great quality when delivering your cappuccino, latte and other milk coffee drinks.

One last thing that makes the coffee maker a great choice is the compact and elegant combination of striking clean lines design with high quality materials that accomplished the dream of this coffee maker’s manufacturer.

I guarantee you that with this coffee maker, you will have to look nor more. Better to cry once than cry all the time. What is the sense in buying the best coffee beans in the market only to brew it with an underperforming coffee maker? That will be a taboo. You best bet should be the Jura Impressa C65 automatic coffee maker.

  • 11-Language  plain text display
  • Adjustable brewing strength
  • Energy save mood
  • Rotary switch
  • The grinder can lose contact with the coffee beans and grinds nothing even though there is enough beans in it

Smart Coffee Maker With Grinder

In our present fast developing and technology world, almost everything is going into electronics and programming. With the De’Longhi Magnifica Smart coffee maker, brewing your favorite cup of coffee can be accomplished by one touch simplicity.

With this high technologically and smart coffee maker, you can enjoy your favorite and an exceptional espresso, creamy lattes, rich macchiato, bold cappuccinos within the comfort of your home and any day.   It still boils down to pushing that single button and you can prepare every single cup of coffee just the way you desire it. This coffee maker outstands most of its category with some irresistible qualities such as a simple intuitive control panel that lets you program the machine to brew for the best quality.

Are milk- coffee drink your favorite? How many times have you asked the coffee barista in a coffee shop to make you a cup of latte and in return he serves you with cappuccino? With the milk frother of this machine, it’s all about the cream and quality. Your best bet is this coffee maker and you cannot trade it for another.

Brewing technology here plays a great role. It has a consistence brewing system that automatically brews to the desired perfect temperature, density and richness. It does not end there. Customizing the settings lets the machine to be able to repeat the brewing size, quality, flavor and taste over and over without messing up your favorite coffee choice. When in brewing process, the milk carafe can be adjusted for taste control. After every brew, the milk carafe can be deposited in the refrigerator to help maintain its quality during the next brew.

Great coffee maker, though not very cheap. Maybe it was with this kind of machine that the word, “high quality is high price.” I might truly give it up to the argument because everyone likes a good and long lasting product.

Should we overlook the design? I do not think so. The break through design and the exquisite lines and curves speaks for a great innovative coffee maker with beautiful features.  With the double heating system, you do not have to worry whether it will deliver your espresso, cappuccino or milk at the appropriate temperatures.

Do you wish to know more about the grinder? With the integrated stainless steel burr grinder with an adjustable grinding settings grinds your beans automatically every time you want an espresso shot to maintain the freshness. It also has a pre-ground in the second chamber which a lot of its fans truly appreciate.

  • Memorable smart button to initiate grind and brew
  • Enhanced temperature control settings
  • Double shot espresso
  • It is not the best budget coffee maker in the market

Brew Coffee Maker

Cuisinart SS-15 12-Cup Coffee Maker and Single-Serve Brewer

Your homemade coffee becomes easy with the Cuisinart SS-15 12-Cups coffee maker and single serve brewer. Quite jumping taxi all in the name of meeting a friend in a coffee shop. With is coffee maker, your friends will be jumping taxi’s just get to your house for that great cup of coffee brewed with optimum temperature and flavor control.

Since its origination, it has been flying off the retailers counter than any other coffee maker you can ever imagine. Be sure to make the right choice this time. Are you having a friends party or gathering and you are worried of the kind of coffee brewer to choose that will deliver coffee to good number of your guest at the same time? You have the right coffee brewer in front of you. The choice many do not regret.

This coffee maker has everything you need all infused into it. This coffee maker features a fully programmable 12-cup carafe on one side and on the other side a single serve section with the options of 6, 8, or 10oz brew sizes. It also comes with a reusable filter. You know what that means? That means with the reusable filter, you can enjoy the single serve section using your favorite coffee grounds. Sounds good? Be patient because that is just a tip of the iceberg.

Just like I have said initially, with this coffee maker, every one of your guest will be praising you for that delightful cup of coffee finely brewed to maximum taste and flavor. After your house party, be ready to receive a bunch of messages for gratitude from your friends due to the excellent service performed by this coffee maker during the party. But do not forget to refer them as well.

The Cuisinart SS-15 12-cup coffee brewer stands out among others: check out its fully 24-hour automatic and programmable control panel. It as well has a remarkable temperature control system and bold coffee brew option. You do not have to worry about always cleaning it because it has a self-cleaning option that gives you less cleaning time unlike other coffee makers. And to wrap that up; it has a 4-hour automatic shut-off. Are you still contemplating whether or not to buy this machine? I truly hope you are not.

I will not forget to mention about the removable water reservoir and the drip tray. The single serve side of this coffee maker has a 40oz detachable water reservoir that allows for easy refill. It also has a remove and adjust drip tray that lets you brew directly into your favorite travel mug.

  • Home barista reusable filter
  • Auto self-clean
  • Strength control
  • This coffee maker does not come with paper or permanent filter

Dual Brew Coffee Maker

BLACK+DECKER CM6000BDM Cafe Select 2-in-1 Dual Brew & Mug

Always in a hurry to work every morning and you do not have the time to have a breakfast before leaving? Or you like bumping into your favorite coffee shop every morning to pick up your pre-ordered cup of coffee that you take along as you drive to work? With the Black and Decker Café select 2-in-1 dual brew with a travel mug, it is high time to say goodbye to those pre-ordered coffee every morning.

With the Black and Decker 2-in-1 coffee maker, you now have a travel mug to brew into and you do not have to bother whether your coffee drink is going to be splashing on your clothes in the process of rushing to work. The thermal 20oz stainless steel travel mug is great for coffee on the go which is brewed on the single serve side. This travel mug is specially designed for keeping your coffee warm even until you get to your work place.

Regular coffee or robusto coffee, no more a question to worry about with this coffee maker. With the coffee strength option for the carafe brewing to choosing the mug capacity for the single serve brewing with a size variation: 6, 8, 10, 12, 16, or 20oz. The single serve pressurized pod brewer has type of extraction technology that lets you to brew into your travel mug using the k-cup. The Black and Decker 2-in-1 dual brew coffee maker is designed with a customized brew settings that you always have multiple choices to make.

Are you thinking of buying a dual coffee brewer that has full carafe automatic brewer to pour you and your family some cups of coffee during the breakfast on your weekend days? Take my advice, look no more. This dual coffee maker has a carafe that can keep your coffee warm up to 2 hours while you and your family are still behind the breakfast table. The carafe drip brews up to 12 cups in the perfect pour using your favorite grounds. Family time to enjoy freshly prepared taste and flavor controlled full pot of coffee.

Before I wrap this up, I will like to add few things about the mini brew basket.  This Black and Decker dual 2-in-1 dual brewer has a reusable mini brew basket or filter that allows you to brew your own freshly grounds coffee into your travel mug. The adjustable tray on the single serve brew section allows you to pre-set to your favorite brew size.

  • Even stream shower head technology
  • Sneak a cup activated
  • Auto clean
  • You cannot brew less than the original quantity of the carafe

Coffee Makers for Your Environment

Everyone sometimes wishes for that great mood changing cup of coffee irrespective of their place of work or studies. Knowing and choosing the best coffee maker for your working or schooling environment might be a challenging task. That is the reason I and my team have taken enough time to do market research to help you determine the top rated coffee makers that best suit your environment. All you have to do is to carefully look through this product review and make the best choice for your suitable coffee maker.

First and foremost, let’s begin with the best home coffee maker with a quick glance on how it works and its best qualities.

Home Coffee Maker

Moccamaster KBT 10-Cup Coffee Brewer with Thermal Carafe

Most coffee lovers want to wake up in the morning knowing that there is a fresh pot of highly brewed coffee with desired taste, flavor, and within the desired quantity waiting for them right there in their home before they can get started with their daily life routines.

Asking what makes this coffee maker the best for home use? This European based Macmaster Company is known for their home coffee maker excellence. The coffee maker and grinder are made with the best materials in the market today to make sure this coffee maker has the right authenticity that suits your brews each time you crave for your cup of fresh homemade coffee.

With Moccamaster KBT 10-cup home coffee maker, be assured that you will be sipping your cup of coffee at home and freshly made before you kick off for the day.  It always keeps the coffee at the required temperature to be served warm anytime you want it without burning the coffee. The company has endeavored to manufacture this home coffee maker to guarantee energy efficient, long lasting, recyclable, and reliable coffee maker for your home.

According to the manufacturer, this particular home coffee maker is differently engineered from the others in the market. It has a separate element for brewing, volume capacity to serve up to 10 cups of coffee so your family members will not have to line up at home every morning for their special cup of coffee. This coffee maker has a manual and adjustable drip stop basket which helps to provide adjustment the speed in which coffee flows into the carafe.

This coffee maker has a thermal carafe which ensures that you always have your cup of coffee warm. It also has an option that helps to keep the coffee warm for a longer period and all you need to do is to push the switch that will activate this function. Best coffee maker, handmade and for home use: the best choice and the best buy for you and your family to enjoy coffee all day long. Think about the best tasting coffee, then think about this home coffee maker.

  • Brew time is optimized for 4 -6 minutes
  • Temperature control system
  • Thermal carafe helps to retain temperature
  • Easy and detachable parts
  • Handmade
  • Has a natural pause action
  • Unique copper boiling element
  • 100% recyclable
  • Some coffee makers have a lifetime warranty, but this one has a five year warranty that is valid only when the coffee machine is bought from an authorized reseller

Office Coffee Maker

Ninja Coffee Bar Brewer with Thermal Carafe

Nothing feels so great when you are in your office knowing that you can easily take a five to ten steps to refill your cup of coffee without standing in line waiting for your turn or spending extra cash for the delivery service. Well, for some people, it can be bearable to have a cup of during their lunch break from work or spend some time after work in one of their favorite coffee shops. But that kind of patient might be a serious task to most coffee freaks just like my colleague who brews himself a cup of coffee every two hours or even less. For people like him, the Ninja Coffee Bar Brewer with thermal Carafe is specially designed to help them to maintain their working pace and not crave for so long just with the auto-iQ one touch intelligence button.

With this ninja coffee bar, the auto-iQ lets the machine to draw the required volume of water from the reservoir during each brew. This feature also ensures the ninja coffee bar machine is able to detect the selected coffee size (travel mug, carafe, and cup size) and brewing option for each cup of coffee.

The removable water reservoir and auto-metering enables you to not constantly measure the amount of water that you are refilling making it an exception among office coffee makers of its kind. This coffee maker is constructed with a thermal flavor extraction technology which enables you to adjust the flavor richness of your coffee.

One thing that makes this coffee maker an office option is the thermal stainless steel carafe. As we know, there are careless people who might lift the carafe and the next thing you hear is a loud pounding sound on the floor. So in an office where there is a great number of people ranging from very careful to less careful, the carafe of this coffee maker will remain intact. The carafe is vacuum insulated, doubled walled and a stainless steel.

This ninja coffee bar has a programmable panel with an enhanced brew delay option. This makes it easier for the office manager to be able to set it up to 24 hours brew in advance to ensure that workers come to the office the next day having their coffee ready for the day.  It also has an easy to fill brew basket that is easy to clean.

With this coffee machine, you can dial up to three rich coffee flavors from classic and rich brews, specialty brew, and over iced brew in any size and comfortable time.

  • Auto –IQ one touch panel
  • 3 flavors and brewing option
  • Can brew directly into your desired container size
  • Auto-metering and removable water reservoir
  • Programmable panel with delay option
  • Thermal flavor extraction
  • It is not compactible or washable with the automatic dishwasher machines
  • The water reservoir takes 20oz less water than the standard coffee pot

Coffee Maker for Hostels

Keurig B60 Special Edition Brewing System

First of all, this depends on the kind of hostel. The American USDA warns that children under the age of 18 are generally not allowed to drink coffee as the consumption of caffeine contained food, products, and beverages may have serious health implications on them. The coffee maker for hostels are mainly recommended for hostels with adult minds where the activities being carried out on the coffee maker can frequently be monitored. So let’s dive into reviewing the best coffee maker for hostels.

If you are looking for the best coffee maker for hostel, then be sure you are going to purchase one that will serve long enough, simple in design, can take the pressure and fulfils the task of brewing one cup of coffee followed by the other without break time intervals. The Keurig B60 special edition brewing system can do the job.

A notable thing about this coffee machine among all is that it can brew coffee, tea and cocoa. Isn’t that great for just a simple coffee maker as this one? Yes you will agree with me.  This glorious coffee maker uses k-cup which contributes to a great maintenance. No spreading of grinded coffee beans all over the machine or the room which gives you more spacing and less cleaning of the machine all the time.

Allow me to expose more important features of this Keurig B60 special edition brewing system. It has three brew size option. Don’t you know what that means or I should go on in details? This means that the coffee machine can brew into a coffee cup size, travel mug and into bigger containers or coffee pots.

It also has some programmable features which may include adjustable temperature, automatic turn on/off, and a digital clock. It also has a removable 48 ounce water reservoir that contains up to eight cups of coffee before it can be refilled.  Has a removable drip tray that allows for easy cleaning and maintenance. Nothing feels better using this whenever you want a cup of coffee. With the k-cup, you can brew two small portions into the travel mug.

  • 3 brew size options
  • Uses k-cups
  • Removable water reservoir
  • Programmable panel
  • The very big disadvantage that this coffee maker has is that it need four minutes priming before using

Coffee Maker for College

Moccamaster 79212 KBTS 8-Cup Coffee Brewer

Well, after doing much research looking for a coffee maker that is specially designed for college, I end up having nothing. Although it might have already be mapped out for development by one company in the coffee machine production or the other. As many college students are known to live a less care lifestyle, so a coffee maker that should be placed in any college should be ruggedly designed to be able to withstand such a tasking environment.

Talking about best coffee maker for college, this means the coffee maker that are mostly found in the college canteens that allows the staffs and students above 18 years old to be able to pour themselves some coffee. So if you need a coffee maker in your college room, this one can also fit. In anyway, I also found out that there are good numbers of durable coffee makers that can work perfectly within the college environments and when you want to think of such coffee makers, think of moccamaster 79212 KBTS 8-cup coffee brewer with thermal carafe.

As a professional product researcher, if I was asked to choose the best durable, reliable, energy efficient, and recyclable coffee maker for college, I will choose this one over and over again and I will advise you to do the same. One great thing about this coffee maker is not just that one awful cup of that tastes like water with flavor due to bad water filter or bad temperature regulators, but with this specially built handmade coffee maker, those things are stories.

The technivorm moccamaster is easy to use and makes great coffee with the brilliant boiling system and temperature regulations, you get nothing less than the best brewed coffee anytime you wish for it. Enabled great saturation time, with the 9-hole outlet arm that ensures the saturation of the coffee and proper water temperature combine to ensure coffee extraction quality and flavor control.

What makes this coffee maker the most suitable for college? The answer to that question is that you will not have to worry whether the carafe will be shattered soon enough because it is double wall constructed. Its stainless steel nature was specially designed to prevent it from breaking and to also ensure that your coffee is always served at the desired temperature. You can also adjust the temperature system if you want the coffee for longer than 100 minutes (175 degrees to 185 degrees)

  • Recyclable
  • Handmade
  • ECBC, SCAA/SCAE approved
  • BPA free where plastics are used
  • 5-year warranty that is valued when purchased from tecnivorm moccamaster certified reseller

Coffee Makers for RV


It is clear that nowadays there are multiple choices of transport systems. Whether, you are a passenger or the operator of the transport system: commercial or private airplanes, vehicles, trains, and even ships, if you are a coffee freak, you will always want to find a way to get that one crave quenching cup of tasty and quality cup of coffee. For this reason and many others, I have done my homework in trying to help you decide the coffee maker that will be suitable for you.

I can actually guess that you will quickly deep your hand into your bag or pocket to reach out for your mobile phone and immediately hack into the dictionary or google to find out what the word RV stands for. Search no more. Worry less, It simply means recreational vehicles.

However, finding this type of coffee maker isn’t a cheap task. It requires day in, day out market research that simply challenges some of its qualities like the weight, durability, and functions. Trust me, you should put the functions and button controls in consideration if you do not want to throw your money into the manufacturers pocket and later regrets it.

Thus, what makes this coffee maker unique is that the criteria for selection: this cannot be compared with the criteria in which you choose one of your best backpacking coffee makers. I can bet you that this coffee maker has no comparison with the 12 volt coffee makers. Although many types of 12 volt coffee makers can be moved around with much ease.

This Black and Decker under the cabinet or under the counter coffee maker is easy to install and it saves you space in your RV. The 12-cup glass carafe can contain enough coffee to serve goo number of people at the same time. It also has an auto-brew feature that lets you effortlessly brew your coffee while on a long ride or flight.

it is advisable to avoid the following places when installing:

  • over oven or stove
  • over a sink
  • near/under light fixtures
  • cabinet partitions

There are no better words to equal the features of this black and decker under cabinet coffee maker. This machine is perfectly designed to suit your apartment, office nooks, kitchens and recreational vehicles. It is specially designed for places where space is highly limited. With its 24-hour quick touching modern programming digital control panel with LED light displays easy or fast time brewing with temperature controls.

At its price, I bet you cannot get anything better. Are you in a hurry? Do you think if you remove the carafe for a cup of coffee during brewing something might go wrong? Worry less, black and decker answered the question while engineering this coffee maker. It can automatically pause brewing if the carafe is suddenly removed. Great feature? Yes you will agree with me.

  • auto shut off
  • detachable water reservoir
  • dishwasher safety carafe
  • sneak a cup technology
  • 2 year limited warranty
  • Breakable glass carafe

Types of Coffee Makers

When thinking about the best types of coffee makers, the only thing that comes in mind is: how many types of coffee makers exist? What types of coffee do they make?

Well, if I may answer that question which I am 99% sure that you know the answer, I will say that there are several types of coffee which an espresso is their base. This means that 99% coffee drinks are made from an espresso coffee base. Let’s take instance cappuccino or Latte. They milk-coffee drinks derived from an espresso coffee. So now that you have known about the major ingredient of cappuccino and latte, allow me to present to you one of the best espresso combo coffee maker and a profound information about its characteristics

Espresso Coffee Maker

Breville BES870XL Barista Express Espresso Machine

Knowing the base of all coffee milk drink, when choosing an espresso combo coffee machine, there are so many things to have in mind: the espresso coffee maker has to be a good one. It has to be able deliver quality espresso coffee with fresh aroma, taste and flavor. Finally, a great espresso coffee machine is said to have all in one. Meaning that it should be able to froth milk and prepare every other milk coffee base beverages drinks.

Having your coffee as fast as possible is important. Having a cup of freshly brewed espresso in good quality also is a priority. But then not every espresso coffee maker can deliver at a great speed and desired quality and that is where the Breville barista espresso coffee maker come to play a great role.

In a position where freshness can only be measured in seconds, grinding the coffee beans every time you want to make coffee can be time consuming. But then when it is a constant routine, it becomes convenient. But the issue is: are you willing to trade taste with time? This espresso coffee maker answers to that question completely. It can deliver fresh and good quality espresso at a remarkable speed with the help of an integrated grinder. Some say it is the god of espresso, some say it is very easy to use even as a novice coffee barista.

Espresso coffee making with this machine is always a remarkable thing after each time of use. All it requires is that you make some little adjustment in settings to suit your desired espresso quality. From the beginners two dual wall, and a pressurized filter that helps to regulate the pressure for a perfect extraction to the two single wall non-pressurized filters, different grind sizes and tamping pressure to which professionals can display their espresso brewing skills.

Unlike any other espresso coffee maker, the Breville barista is engineered with high quality product to ensure its durability. With just a few that have been said, this machine is built with maximum care and calculation and cannot fall off the counter due to heavy work load or other related functions.

  • Removable drip tray
  • Automatic purge function
  • Has an espresso pressure gauge
  • Built with metal for great durability
  • Hands-free grinding cradle
  • Volumetric controls
  • This coffee machine is built with metals and Bronx and this made it Very heavy and cannot be lifted by one person and cannot be easily moved around
  • Not a budget type coffee maker as many very cheap products are not always in their best qualities

Cappuccino Coffee Maker

Mr. Coffee ECMP1000 Café Barista Premium Espresso/Cappuccino System

As a cappuccino lover, there is no comparing this great cappuccino coffee maker with any other. With this easy espresso Mr. coffee maker, it is easier to create a high quality cappuccino drink just like a professional coffee barista. To mention just but few, with this coffee maker, you can enjoy an espresso based cappuccino at home with your friends and family with a great comfort and without taking a ride to one of those coffee shops that made you their permanent client over the time being.

There is no comparing this coffee machine to others within its price range. This machine beats others of its kind hands down if compared with the functions. Other coffee makers with the same functions as this machine cost twice and if not trice the price. With this combo coffee maker, you can effortlessly brew a creamy cup of cappuccino and many other coffee milk drinks with enriched aroma and flavor.

Meanwhile, that is just a tip of the ice: the frothy topping comes with 20 recipe guide with different delectable recipes that can be achieved with the milk frothier and it is absolutely easy to use.

The Mr. Coffee maker has a user friendly controls that anyone can easily master with the sleek machine making it to easily brew delicious cappuccino drink within minutes in just a push of a button. The coffee makers unite one touch control panel gives you the possibility to be able to choose cappuccino from the display option with a handy indicator light that marks your selected option.

This coffee maker can be used to make other espresso base milk drinks such as single or double shot espresso, cappuccino, latte, café mochas, espresso martinis, and caramel cappuccinos.

Furthermore, this machine while brewing, it can supply 15 bars of pressure that ensures an un-comprised result. At the same time, the automatic milk frother changes the milk into creamy foam that gets your cappuccino delivered with the best flavor and taste.

  • Creates single and double serving
  • Trouble free automatic milk frother
  • With the 15-bar pump system, quality coffee can be made
  • Has a one touch control panel
  • It’s easy to clean
  • Affordable and durable
  • I bet you cheaper coffee makers of this standard can run down in the middle of brewing. So this coffee maker is not the cheapest and the most affordable in the market

Latte Coffee Maker

DeLonghi ECAM22110SB Automatic Cappuccino

One common question I get almost every time in my mail box is a lot of people writing me to know the difference between latte and cappuccino. Over the years the same question keeps repeating itself over and over. A quick rush to that answer: latte doesn’t need much milk foam but creamy milk unlike its cappuccino counterpart and that is one of the best qualities of this particular coffee maker.

I have always said that having a good latte still depends on the quality of milk you are using and the quality of the coffee maker. The coffee maker really plays a great role if you wish to have a tasty, flavored and creamy cup of latte. This is where the Delonghi ECAM22110SB compact automatic cappuccino, latte and espresso machine plays an exquisite role.

This machine has mastered the art of espresso making, therefore, worry no more as this machine is designed to deliver the best cup of latte to quench your craving. It is compact and elegantly designed to wrap up with the beauty of your kitchen. The machine is very easy to use and round the clock ready to prepare a rewarding cup of coffee.

The parts of the machine is highly assessable which makes it a user friend type of coffee maker. The fact is that nobody needs a coffee maker that is difficult to figure out where most of the controls are located. With this machine, be sure that even the novice can easily operate it at a maximized brewing and milk frothing level. It has a rapid brew system that enables it to brew one cup after the other without waiting time intervals.

The menu section or the control panel enables you to easily access and regulate the settings for coffee strength and quantity that suites your desire. Also this helps you to be able to adjust the brewing temperatures and after putting the settings in place, let the machine do the rest. This machine has the ability to remember your preference settings for every single type of your coffee beverage drinks.

  • It has a manual advance milk frother
  • Can make either single or double shot espresso at the same time
  • User friendly control panel
  • It’s easy to clean and maintain
  • Programmable control panel
  • You will have to manually depressurize the frother yourself after ever use
  • The grinder finds it difficult to grind half roasted coffee beans

Coffee Maker Buying Guide

How to buy the best coffee maker

If you want to know the secrete to a great cup of coffee, start with fresh and good quality beans and then choose a coffee machine that you can count on. There are automatic load machines and single styles option that use pre-measured packets or pods. If you are considering which to choose, you have to start by considering the cost, convenience, size, and the features you like best.

What are the basic characteristics of a coffeemaker or coffee machine?

Features Professional/commercial coffee machine Semi-commercial (average level) coffee machine Entry level coffee machine
Flavor Brews espresso to its maximum flavor with an unchangeable taste quality Brews quality espresso with remarkable taste and flavor Do not have the required pressure to brew quality espresso
Cleaning & solvents/solutions Takes longer time to clean and has special cleaning accessories [follow manufacturers cleaning recommendations] Depending on the level of use, can be messy to clean and can as well be time consuming to clean. Always check for manufacturer’s recommendation. Easy to clean and also can be cleaned with accessories [adhere to cleaning recommendations by the manufacturer]
Specialty Re-steams within a very short time and always keeps required temperature and pressure for instant use Almost like the commercial ones, but takes more time to re-steam unlike its commercial counterpart 70% of entry level coffeemakers do not have pressure steamers. The ones that have it can only produce a cup at a time and has to wait for the coffeemaker to cool to room temperature
Duration Highly durable. Some popular brands can be re-sold at 70% of their purchase price after a good number of years of usage Has a reasonable durability and can be re-sold at 50% of its purchase price if it’s made by a popular manufacturer Durable but not as semi-commercial or commercial types. They are mainly dispose and some of them are bio-degradable
Combination machines Some can make up to 6 cups of espresso at the same time and has a double steamer which means it can steam 2 or more cups of milk for Latte and Cappuccino at the same time where there are multiple users Can brew up to 4 cups of high quality and flavor retentive espresso at a go and can at the same time froths a cup of milk or two as some of them have double steamer like the commercial counterparts Brews basically into carafe, tea cup or travel mug. Some can brew up to 12 cups at a go but done with the help of the coffee pot or carafe
Using hot or cold water to brew Brews mainly with pressure and steam Brews mainly hot coffee Depending on the model, they can brew both hot and cold coffee
Features Ruggedly constructed with Metal and Bronx, both internally and externally Mostly constructed with 80% of metal and 20% of plastic mostly around the top cover or rest point where coffee is brewed Mostly manufactured with plastic casings
Weight Some weighs average of 200 kg Can easily be moved around
Price ***** *** **

Drip coffeemakers are the most popular

These are the most popular and you can get them at an affordable rate. They have several styles to choose from. Many of them can instantly make coffee for a crowd. Some brew 12-cups at a go while others brew less or more.

Many of these type of machine are said to brew a specific quantity of coffee for example 5-cups at a go. But when checked, you will find out they do not brew standard cup size and less for the standard coffee cup quantity

If you are enthusiastic about drip coffeemaker, then the few lines below are for you. They will help you to choose the best drip coffeemaker.

Although 90% of the expensive products are mostly regarded as the best quality products in the market, but in few cases, you might find an average cost or even little lesser than average cost product that will serve your needs. However, the same thing is applied considering the size when buying a product as size is not quality and I hope you will definitely agree with me on that.

Buying the biggest size of a drip coffeemaker or the most expensive drip coffee maker will not guarantee the quality. The most important thing to have in mind when buying such products is knowing what you look for and what you want out of your drip coffeemaker for instance, how it brews. Knowing these things will make your choice easier.

Considering buying a drip coffeemaker? Have you thought about how you are going to grind your coffee beans?

Coffee beans and grinds
If you plan to grind your own coffee, then it would be better for you to consider buying a drip coffeemaker with a built in grinder. If you plan to buy already grind coffee, then your best option should be for you consider buying a cheaper and more affordable drip coffeemaker.
Considering the size of the coffeemaker
As mentioned earlier, bigger size is not always the better quality. For a bachelor, a better choice of size should be the small or the medium size which is the best for one person. Getting a bigger coffeemaker as a bachelor can end up costing you more money. As one person living in a minimal size apartment, have you considered the space that a large coffeemaker is going to take in your office or kitchen?
Things to know if you are buying a manual drip coffeemaker
Manual drip coffeemakers will give you the full control over the making of your cup of coffee. But they are more time consuming when brewing than an automatic drip coffeemaker.

Considering the automatic drip coffeemaker?

If you are more interested in buying an automatic drip coffeemaker, then you should consider the ones that can have an automatic shutdown controls. Just like automatic cars are very comfortable, so are the automatic drip coffeemakers but they also have their bad sides.

Drip coffeemaker without automatic shutdown controls tends to be more dangerous because if the owner happens to forget turning it off, or left all day long, they may start fire.
When buying a coffeemaker, it is required to take some extra time to check if the coffeemaker has the light on and off indicator. Find out if the coffeemaker allows you to check whether it is still brewing or not.
Drip coffeemakers and charcoal water filter
Before tendering your hard earned cash when buying a drip coffeemaker, make sure that it has a charcoal water filter. This is one of the good qualities the best drip coffeemaker should have, “a charcoal water filter.”

The only disadvantage of the charcoal water filter is that they should be periodically replaced over a period of the lifetime of your drip coffeemaker.

Brewing/Pause of the auto-drip coffeemaker
This is not a must have feature on the coffeemaker, but they are comfortable and very useful when you want to grab a quick cup of coffee before the coffeemaker finishes brewing. This feature is essential to keep the coffeemaker less dirty because some of the drip coffee machines that do not have this feature continue to brew even as the carafe is been removed leaving the brewed coffee to run through where the owner is careless or pays less attention. In this case, the coffeemaker has to be regularly cleaned.
A word of advice:

The best drip coffeemaker you find may have some extra features like electronic control panel, digital display, multiple control buttons, a clock, a permanent filter and a timer. There are some other great features you can find on a drip coffeemaker which may include:

  • Flavor adjustments
  • Water filter
  • Integrated grinder

The prices of the drip coffeemakers can vary depending on their features. With little patience and the appropriate knowledge, purchasing the best drip coffeemaker should not be a brain bursting task.

Buying a Percolator coffeemaker

The coffee percolator has been around for decades and the very main basic, simple and effective way of brewing a simple coffee cup. Percolator is a simple way of making your cup of coffee without filters, drip filters and electricity.

Although they are not as good as other coffee brewing machines, but they do the job and they are very handy for those people who love outdoors:

  • hiking
  • backpacking
  • camping
  • bicycling
  • hunting
  • fishing and so on

Percolators are the best choice for outdoor lovers because they are mobile, less in weight and can be carried about without any pains or regrets.

How to make coffee using a percolator

Making coffee with the percolator is simple and off the grid. It does not require any electricity or running water.

The percolator comes in five different parts:
Carafe Stem Coffee basket Base Dome
The carafe holds the water during the brewing process The stem is injected inside the carafe and its surrounded by water during brewing This is where the coffee grounds are placed during brewing This also has a whole lots of holes on it just as the basket. But is serves the purpose of allowing water to drip through during brewing Believe it or not the dome is very important because it serves as the cover and helps to keep the steam inside.

Now that we have known the detailed parts of the percolator, it is time to brew the coffee.

Quantity of water
First determine how many cups of coffee you want to brew, in the percolator, what you put in is what you will get in return. If you add 2-cups of water to it, you get 2-cups of brewed coffee out of it, so be specific with your demanded quantity.
Measuring the Coffee beans
Generally, the desired quantity of coffee to 1-cup is 1-table spoon of grounded coffee beans. But there is no standard rule or law guiding that. So if you are a lover of highly concentrated coffee, you can add as much grounds that will suit your choice.

Place the coffee basket on the stem and add the desired amount of coffee grounds, then cover it with the base. Make sure it’s closed tight. Pour the amount of water you need inside the carafe. Place everything inside the carafe and place it on a heater for it to boil. During the process of boiling, the coffee grounds basket will then float at the top allowing the water to run through it and that is how the percolator gets your coffee brewed.

Buying a French press coffeemaker

This type of coffeemaker was invented by an Italian designer Attilio Calimani and this coffeemaker has different names around the globe. Without taking much of your time about the history, lets dive directly to what to pay attention to when buying such a coffee maker.
Due to its portability, this type of coffee maker is more can be more suitable when making coffee for one person or maximum of three peoples. But there are larger French press that is suitable to serve a crowd of people over the table for a gathering. It also has the travel mug version which is more of tough plastics instead of the originally known glass type.

French press and coffee beans grounds

If you are thinking of buying a French press, also consider having a fine grind coffee beans as the fine grinds tends to have lower permeability when immersed in water. Fine coffee grinds tends to extract better and usually cause the brewed coffee to taste bitterly for those that enjoy bitterly brewed coffee.

Brewing coffee with a French press

Brewing coffee with the French press, you will need some few things which may include:

Kettle For boiling water
Coffee Grinder This needs to be set to produce a fine grind
Scale (optional) The scale is optional but useful to know that exact quantity of coffee you are brewing
Coffee beans Fresh coffee beans that you grind always produce the freshest taste and best flavor

If you are wondering why use the French press to brew coffee. Then you should know that French press is the easiest way to brew coffee at home/office.

You pour some water over some grinds, then you wait four minutes and then you plunge it and then you have got a great cup of coffee.

For brewing ratio with the French press: 1g of coffee to 17g of water.
Brewing technique:

Measure out the amount of coffee beans you need to brew your coffee. Deposit it into the grinder, and grind to required consistency. Add the coffee grounds to the French press and pour some hot water into it and allow it to rest. Do not stir it or touch it for up to 3 minutes and 40 seconds, then place the cover with the press onto it and at the 4th minute, gently push down the press filter and there you go. You just brewed the best flavored and tasty coffee with the French press.

How does a coffee maker work and How to make coffee with a coffee maker?

I have read some reviews where a coffeemaker is defined as a kitchen appliance which is used to brew coffee without having to boil water in a separate container. But knowing what the true coffeemaker stands for, you will come to agree with me that such a definition or an explanation about coffeemaker is not correct or appropriate for a proper definition of a coffeemaker.

So without taking much of your time and all the blah-blah-blah, let me explain to you what the true definition of a coffeemaker is and you will never get to ask anyone again how to use a coffee maker: a coffeemaker is any device that when you add your raw coffee beans (grinded or not), add some water (hot or cold), can get you a brewed coffee not considering the quantity, be it automatic or manual.
However, with all that said, let’s dive into how the coffeemakers work.

Automatic coffeemakers

Automatic coffeemaker a simple device. If you take off the top of the automatic coffeemaker you will find three things:

  • A reservoir: The reservoir holds the water in the automatic coffeemaker
  • A tube: This tube leads up from the reservoir to the base carrying the hot water to the drip area
  • A shower-head: The shower-head is attached to the bottom of the tube where the hot water drips with required pressure over the grounds to brew the coffee.

Looking at the bottom of the automatic coffeemaker you will find the same tube from the reservoir which is attached to it through the bottom but circled around a heating element which allows hot water to flow.  On the left hand side of the base is the heating element. This component comprises of aluminum extrusion with tube parts. A recessive heating element is sandwiched between the warming element and the aluminum plate. A recessive heating element presses directly against the underside of the warming plate and while heat conductive grease makes sure that the heat transfers efficiently.

When water is poured in the reservoir, it flows through the tube, then it flows into the one way valve and then into the aluminum tube and into the heating element, then partially up through the tube. This process is said to be natural due to the law of gravity.

When you wish to brew some coffee and turn on the automatic coffeemaker, the recessive heating element starts heating the aluminum tube and eventually the water gets boiled. When the water boils, the bubbles rise us through the tube because the tube is thin enough and the bubbles can push the water up the tube. As the water moves up through the tube, it will begin to drip evenly on the awaiting coffee grounds. The hot water flows through the coffee beans picking up the oily essence in the coffee beans down to the pod with a piece of filter in the pod that prevents the coffee grounds from falling into the coffee.

Common automatic coffeemaker problems

 Although an automatic coffeemaker is a simple appliance with little or no trouble at all.  There can still be some few troubles associated with it. However, the common problem is calcium clogging in the aluminum tube. When this happens, it is advisable to run some vinegar through the automatic coffeemaker to clear the blockage. But be sure to rinse thoroughly by running water multiple times through the machine before using it to brew your coffee.

The power switch of the automatic coffeemaker might get bad. This can easily be changed by purchasing a new one to replace it.

Another common problem that is associated with the automatic coffeemaker is that the one way valve can get blocked by an object or something that mistakenly fell into the reservoir during the process of refilling. This can easily be removed with the help of a needle.

How does the manual coffeemaker work?  

Thinking about how manual coffeemakers works? They work great but very slow in process.  If you remember about the French press we talked about earlier in this buying guide; that is a typical type of a manual coffeemaker.

There are types of manual coffeemakers which includes:

The pour over French press Cold brew
This is the process of slow pouring of hot water on the coffee grounds which is placed over the Melitta automatic drip filter allowing the brewed coffee to enter into the desired container underneath. This is a process of adding some amount of coffee grounds into the French press container, then pouring some hot water into the container and allowing it to brew for a short time The cold brew is nothing special, but a great means of having your coffee caffeine free and its done using the French press and allowing it to cool for some time.
There is a newly devised cold coffeemaker known as “DRIPO Cold Brew Portable Barista Iced Coffee Maker” that truly reduces the caffeine level when brewing for cold coffee.

Now let’s get back to detailing how the manual coffeemakers generally work.

Some manual coffeemakers require that we boil the water and then pour over the coffee grounds and allow it to brew such as French press manual coffeemaker. Others like the pour over coffeemakers require you to patiently pour over the hot water for brew and cold manual coffeemaker require you either brew it hot and let it get cold or you use the new Dripo cold coffeemaker devise which you add the coffee grounds and then some water and ice and allow it to gently drip.

How to choose an espresso machine and grinder at the right price

Buying an espresso machine seem almost as to buying a car of choice. Looking at it from the same point of view, when people buy cars, they take their time to decide, the product company they want, the car model, year of manufacture, mileage and so on. This is the same issue when buying choosing an espresso machine as a coffee lover or for your business. You will need to take time to analyze, the product you want to buy, its manufacturer, consistency, brewing time and quality, electronic controls and so on.

If you are thinking of buying an espresso machine for your home or office use and you want to stand on your budget this guide will help you through.

Espresso machines come in two types:
  1. Semi-automatic
  2. Super-automatic

This guide will cover entry level, budget conscious options for both types of espresso machines that you can purchase under a reasonable budget rate. Some people may tend to spend more on the same type of espresso machine just for the purpose of getting more quality espresso for latte and cappuccino types of coffee. But this guide will run through the budget espresso machines that will also serve you with high quality latte and cappuccino at long run if you like them.

Semi-automatic espresso machine for best budget rate
However, the difference between semi-automatic and super-automatic espresso machines is that semi-automatic espresso machines are the traditional types of espresso machines. You grind your fresh coffee beans, then after grinding, you load the pot of filter and attach it to the machine to extract the espresso. After brewing, you remove the pot from the espresso machine and remove the chaff of the used coffee beans.
Super-automatic espresso machine for best budget rate
90% of the super automatic espresso coffee machines have built in cups. They also have internal grinders and all you have to do when you use this type of espresso machine is just to push a button and the machine, will grind and brew you the espresso coffee. In the case of pot filter, the super-automatic espresso machines use what is known as the internal “brew group” which automates the brewing process. When they finish brewing, the spent brewed coffee is dispensed into a box within the machine.

Making froth milk: semi-automatic vs super-automatic espresso machine

Frothing milk for latte and cappuccino, both types of machines use an auto-frothing steam rod.

In semi-automatic machines, changing between brewing and steaming are more involved. After steaming on a semi-automatic machines, the boiler needs to be cooled down manually. Failing to do this, heating elements of the espresso machine can be damaged.

In super-automatic machines the cooling systems works automatically without using the user’s intervention.

Major differences
The major differences between these machines is in their brewing mechanism. It is well known that the best espresso coffee is made on high and semi-automatic machines. But you can get something different from low cost level semi-automatic machines. Almost all of them use a pressurized filter basket for brewing as a result of one tiny whole in the basket.
When using a pressurized filter basket, tamping the coffee that is compressing it will not be required because it is the basket that creates the pressure for brewing and not the coffee
In super-automatic machines the pressure for brewing is created by the coffee pack which is compressed by the brew group. This seems almost as the coffee Barista does with the semi-automatic machines except that this one is done by the super-automatic espresso machine itself. Once the ground coffee is compressed, espresso is then brewed with an access to a basket with many holes instead of one.

The espresso brewing on a super-automatic machines closely resembles the one of the high and semi-automatic machines except it does its brewing through the pressurized filter basket of a low and semi-auto.

So the brewing process is a little different on both machines. But asking the question if one process is better than the other? Well that will not be an easy question to answer, but some people consider semi-automatic with low cost pressurized baskets because it produces a nice creamy coffee with great taste.


Most espresso machines be it high semi-automatic or super-automatic will need a fresh grounds coffee beans for making the best quality and tasty cup of espresso coffee thereby making the grinder a necessity to achieve this goals. Just like the super-automatic, 90% of them have in built grinder. If you are purchasing their semi-automatic counterpart, be sure to budget for a grinder.

Freshly grounds coffee beans give more quality and tasty espresso cup of coffee than the already grounds that come in packs when brewed

It is less expensive to start with pre-grind coffee, many espresso coffee machines can use ESE pads (Easy serving espresso pads) as well, but do not expect the same shot of quality that you would get if you were using a freshly grounds coffee beans.

However, if you are still contemplating what type of espresso machine to purchase and you are on a budget and looking for consistent convenience, you might have to start considering the lower budget super-automatic machines. From the other side an entry level semi-automatic espresso machine will give more of a barista type.

Espresso coffee quality

If you are thinking about high quality espresso coffee cup, a lot depends on the type of coffee beans used. If you are using a pre-grind or pod with a semi-automatic machines, the super automatic will be the clear winner.

The quality of both machines is a lot closer when using a fresh grounds coffee beans on both machines.

Frothing is similar in both types of machines however, slightly more involved in the semi-automatics except for you may need to manually cool the boiler after steaming.

Must have accessories for a new espresso coffeemaker

Whether you are brewing espresso as a professional Barista or you are brewing for your personal home or office purposes, there are some basic espresso coffee machines accessories that will assist your brewing to always go smooth. Many of these accessories are mostly used with the commercial semi-automatic coffee machines.

  1. Stainless steel steaming jug: if you are a latte or cappuccino lover, you cannot afford to do without the steaming jug. It is made to help you froth your milk and firmly designed to withstand any temperature. It usually comes with a curved hand that is specially designed to give you full support when in use.

  2. Stainless milk frothing thermometer: when frothing milk for either cappuccino or latte, a thermometer is required to froth the milk to a required temperature. With the help of the stainless steel milk frothing thermometer with a clip that holds it to the pitcher, and easy to understand calibration, frothing is easier.

  3. Espresso shot glass pitcher: if you are an espresso enthusiastic person and you are dead locked to precise espresso shots, this accessory is for you. It has a two way pouring spouts and a burn free handle.

  4. Tamper: A tamper is very important when using a semi-automatic coffee machine. An ideal accessory for any coffee Barista. It is used to press ground coffee beans into the port filter to eliminate free air during brewing.

  5. Stainless espresso coffee measuring spoon and bag clip: this great bag clip and coffee grounds measuring spoon is an ideal to scoop coffee grounds for espresso coffee machine. This accessory is completely dishwasher friendly.

  6. Espresso grinder brush combination: frequent and thorough cleaning is the only key to long life span of any espresso coffee machine. To ensure that the inside of the espresso machine is properly cleaned, you will need the cleaning combination brush. With ease to touch and clean the necessary areas in the espresso coffee machine, this brush is also designed to help keep the coffee grinder clean and efficient.

  7. Espresso coffee machine descaler and decalcifier: this liquid espresso coffee machine cleaner helps to remove unwanted buildups. It also does not leave any unwanted taste in coffee after cleaning.

  8. Espresso coffee knock out box: with this box, removing coffee from the espresso coffee machine is made easy. The knock out box serves as an essential for users to be able to empty the port filter and the grounds when necessary. It has a great compact size that allows users to be able to place it on the espresso coffee machine’s drip tray.

  9. Saucer set for espresso coffee machine: espresso is a beverage type of drink that is treated with great passion around the globe. This made most espresso coffee machine manufacturers to manufacture espresso coffee cup and its saucer to keep the standard. Although there are lots of varieties of high quality espresso coffee cups and saucers in the market that leave users a wide range of choice to pick from.

  10. Espresso machine steamy wand cleaning tool: this espresso coffee machine accessory helps to clean the inside of the steam wand ensuring that no milk buildup was left in the steamer. It has an ergonomic handle that ensures that unwanted hand strain does not occur.

How to clean a coffee machine and grinder

Keeping your espresso machine clean is very important to maintain the quality of coffee you are serving.  There are number of things an espresso coffee machine owner can do superficially to keep the machine clean like wiping down the trail and the surfaces and others parts.  It is easy to remove the trail and wipe underneath as well. But the major issue lies inside of the machine and that is where you should be more concerned about cleaning.

Here are simple steps that you need to get your espresso machine clean and running:

  • The first thing you need to do is to take out the port filters, then remove the brew basket.
  • Then replace the brew basket with the blind basket. The blind basket does not have any holes under it that can allow water or brewed coffee to pass through.
  • Then you will have to scrape any oil residues left on the gasket by using the gasket brush.
  • So, run the drip for five seconds to get the brush wet, then go outside around the scream and run the brush over it.
  • Use the gasket brush to thoroughly scrub the gasket.
  • Take the port filter with the blind basket, add the appropriate quantity of the espresso machine cleaning substance
  • Lock it in to the espresso machine and run it for: five seconds on, five seconds off for five times. This is known as back flushing
  • When you are done with that, you pull out the port filter and run the drip for about ten to fifteen seconds to clear the products out.
  • After that, you have to repeat the process, but this time without out any substance or product. Five seconds on, five seconds off for five times.
  • Then take all of the little stuff like the blind filter, basket and the port filter into a deep bowl or bucket and add about a table spoon or two of the product that you used in doing back flush.
  • Then you have to fill it up with water until the port filter is well cover and let it soak for about ten minutes
  • After ten minutes, you have to pull out everything that you soaked in the bucket or bowl and do a proper scrubbing until you are convinced they are clean. After washing every accessory, the next thing will be…
  • To rinse in clean water or under a running tap. This works very well to get rid of stains and after doing so, you will immediately notice how clean your equipment has become.
  • After doing all that, put the machine together and that is all: you are good to go.

For professional/commercial espresso coffee machine, it is advisable to repeat this procedure every night after the working day is over. This will help your machine to last longer and work efficiently.

Cleaning the grinder

Your coffee grinder is another piece of equipment you should pay attention to. However, the grinder takes less time to clean than the espresso coffee machine. Here are the common steps that will guide you through cleaning your coffee grinder.

  • First of all, turn off the grinder from the source of electricity.
  • Remove all the coffee beans from the harper every single night you are done with the working day.
If you are using an average size or large coffee grinder at home or in your office, it will be better to blend the exact quantity of coffee you need to brew each time. In that way, your coffee beans remains fresh.
  • After empting the harper, take a dry towel and wipe inside of the harper thoroughly. Do not use any products, wet towel or water in cleaning the harper.
  • Use any suitable brush to wipe out the inside of your dosing chamber. One thing that works really great with this is a vacuum cleaner. It helps to do the cleaning faster that manually using the brush.
  • Wipe out the rest of the dosing chamber with a towel and check if there are any beans or grinds that are left over in the chamber, if there is, try and empty all of them.
  • After you have finished cleaning the grinder, re-assemble and you grinder is clean.

However, once per week there is a product that is highly recommended for grinders and it’s called “grinds.”  This product helps to crack down all the oils that are trapped in the grinding disk.

Using grinds as a cleaning product

  • Take some of the product and throw them into the grinder and grind.
  • After that, add a handful of coffee beans as well into the grinder and grind.
  • Then vacuum out the grinder dosing chamber and you are good to go. This is how the coffee grinder is being cleaned.

This is how you maintain your espresso coffee equipment. Repeatedly doing so will prolong the life value of your coffee machine and grinder and also make the coffee taste great.

How to clean coffee maker with vinegar

Well, I will make one thing clear if you heard that vinegar is a great deal in cleaning coffeemaker and decide to jump into doing it without a good research, you might one way or the other regret that you did.

One very important thing to note is that using vinegar to clean coffeemaker works better with automatic coffee machines and not the semi-automatic coffee machines. Although, using vinegar is not a bad idea but its more effective when used on the automatic and super automatic coffee machines.

Simple Procedure 
  1. Depending on the volume of the reservoir of your coffee machine. It is advisable to 80% water and 20% vinegar inside the water reservoir of your coffee maker.
  2. Turn on the power switch and program it to brew. It will use the water mixed with vinegar in the reservoir to run through the valves and dispense into the carafe.
  3. Repeat the process twice or trice depending on how dirty or when last you got your coffee maker cleaned.
  4. Dispose water and vinegar.
  5. After then repeat the same process but this time with clean water.
  6. Use dry towel to wipe the coffee maker clean.
  7. Re-assemble everything or parts to the right place and you are good to go.

Using Vinegar to clean the coffee Pot or Carafe

Simple Step by step guide:

  1. Turn off the coffeemaker and allow it to cool off
  2. Fill the coffeemaker reservoir with equal amounts of water and white vinegar
  3. Using a paper filter, turn on the coffeemaker to brew
  4. After brewing, allow to rest for minimum of 20 minutes
  5. Wash the carafe thoroughly and place it back in to the coffeemaker
  6. Add some clean water into the coffee maker and brew just to keep the machine clean

Maybe you have heard your neighbor say: oh no, he or she has been using sea salt, vinegar and water and it works for him/her. No doubts that also works. One thing to keep in mind is that anyway you use vinegar to clean stuff, it definitely works.

The steps I mentioned are just one among how and with the help of vinegar, coffeemaker and accessories can be kept clean.

Portable coffeemaker’s guide and simple facts

This type of coffee maker is also known to many people as a traveler coffee maker due to its compatibility and easy handling access. This is a dream come true for many coffee lovers who are tourist. Imagine a coffee lover always being away from home visiting some of the most expensive cities and countries where the minimum cost of a cup of coffee is $3. If he/she buys 2 cups, that is $6 for a day. And to some coffee lovers, 2 cups a day is just a tip of the ice. So think about having 4 cups of coffee every day at the minimum of $3 USD per-cup; within 5 days he/she will be spending $60 USD. As a budget tourist, that will be way too much for just coffee.

Thanks to the inventors of portable coffee makers. A good and reliable portable or traveler coffee maker can be bought at that price. There are different types of portable coffee makers, but they function almost the same way.

Things to look out for when buying portable coffeemakers

CostSize and weightDurabilityRead me!
Most people before buying anything do a market research and check the cost if it falls into the budgeted sum. This means that the cost of the product that we wish to purchase plays a key role. You can purchase a great portable coffeemaker at a reasonable prize and have it with you wherever you go. Depending on the type, brewing quantity of coffee brewed, time and how it brews, prices can range between $10 up to $100 USD.
Size is the most important factor to check when purchasing a portable coffeemaker. Whether you are a traveler, or you enjoy hiking, camping, and other outdoor activities where you would want to take a break for a cup of coffee; you would not want to buy a bulky portable coffeemaker it will add more weight to your already heavy luggage. So look out for size when purchasing, except that you like bulky items, then you can get any portable coffeemaker of your choice without considering the size and weight.
The durability of your portable coffeemaker depends on the kind of activities you engage in mostly. For travelers or tourists, it is best to buy a portable coffeemaker with thermal carafe or metallic carafe as glass carafe might easily get damaged due to abuse packing it in your luggage and traveling a long distance in a rough ride. There are portable coffeemakers that come with thermal cups and smaller in size. You will need something that is not fragile and that will be very comfortable when packing for a long or rough ride.
Before purchasing any portable coffeemaker, do enough market research to know if it really suits your needs, fall under your price budget and will not get damaged along the way.

Product FAQs

How do I clean my coffee machine?
Turn off the coffee machine and allow to cool. Add equal amount of water and home use white vinegar to the reservoir and brew using a paper filter. After brewing, allow to rest for about 30 minutes that will also help clean the carafe it has any coffee stains that have been around for a while. Repeat the process and the third time brew with water to rinse. Then scrub the carafe to remove stain and you are good to go.
Where do I purchase the coffee beans?
You can buy coffee beans from known and certified coffee retail shops and you can also buy from the internet.
Is it better to purchase fresh coffee beans or grounds in packs?
That completely depends on you and the type of coffee machine you have. But fresh coffee beans give the best flavor and quality espresso.
What can I do when my coffee brew get slower?
Coffee brew getting slower might be the cause of some deposits are stacked in the machine that will need to be removed by cleaning.
How frequently do I need to clean my coffee machine?
For semi-automatic coffee machines used for commercial/professional purposes, it is advisable to clean every day after use or clean between every 40-80 use. For home/office coffee machines, it is advisable to clean once in every two days. But a better option is clean every day.
What could make coffee to taste bad?
  1. Your coffee could taste bad if you are using unfiltered water
  2. If the coffee beans is of bad quality
  3. The age of coffee beans can have a serious impact on the taste
  4. Your coffee may taste bad is your coffee machine is dirty
Why is my coffee machine leaking water from the bottom?
It’s either the reservoir is damaged or contact tubes are disconnected. Also make sure the reservoir is not over filled.
If broken, where can I order parts?
Relate most problems that you encounter with the coffee machine to the service center. If not, locate a coffee machine dealer; I am sure you will find the necessary parts in his shop. You can also search online and purchase the parts online.
Daniel Anderson :Daniel Anderson is a 28 years old Texas-born international Chef. As a young child, Dan developed an interest in cooking when he was 8 years old. Dan has traveled to North America, Europe, and Middle Asia sharing his cooking knowledge.