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Best Thermos for Food & Drinks

If you enjoy having your beverage drinks or your lunch as hot as you just prepared it or as cold as you packed it, then consider buying the best thermos 2018 to make your wish come true.

Whether you are a student, outdoor lover, traveler or a worker, all you need to have your meal as fresh and as hot or as cold as you packed it, and bacteria free, is a high quality, reliable and a magical thermos.

You don’t have to worry whether you can pick a more reliable thermos yourself or not. We have done the homework careful and market reviews with countless nights of hard work by prudently filtering the most reliable, comfortable, and affordable or premium thermoses that will serve your best comfort.

Best Thermos 2018

Best Coffee Thermos

Thermos Stainless King 40 Ounce Beverage Bottle

There are no more worries on how to keep your favorite coffee hot until lunch time at work or worrying that your coffee gets cold before you even step out of the house. Whether you are a worker, an outdoor or nature lover, with the best coffee thermos you are guaranteed fresh and piping hot coffee that feels like it was just brewed, and that is the role Thermos stainless King 40 ounce beverage bottle plays that makes it unique than its competitors.

Thermos delivers what truly matters to their consumers through their brands. They have been among the leading manufacturers of innovative portable containers that elevates safe food consumption by their consumers and they promote a healthy lifestyle as well. For being in the race of manufacturing and delivering thermal storage products for the past 110 years means that their products are convenient and can be trusted.

When it comes to the technology that matters: THERMOS insulated vacuum technology ensures that your coffee whether hot or cold remains at the desired temperature until you are ready to drink. With the help of their traditional container, heat or cold finds its way inside the bottle through the process of convention.

Thermos stainless king 40 ounce for coffee guarantees that your beverages and drinks remain steamy hot or icy cold long enough no matter what the weather forecast may be.  This happens as a result of the creation of airless space between the walls which virtually eliminates the convection process and change in the temperatures. This technology speaks for a true innovation.

Before using the coffee thermos for the first time, and as soon as possible after use, endeavor to wash all details with warm, soapy water and try to rinse all parts thoroughly. Spread them and give them time to dry

Your coffee should not be left in the container for more than 24 hours

Using an abrasive scrubbers might seriously affect the finishes of the coffee thermos

Bleach and any cleaner that contains chlorine should be avoided when cleaning. Hand washing is more preferable. Although its top rack dish washer friendly

The quality of this THERMOS stainless king insulated vacuum coffee bottle is seen through the care the company shows towards their consumers. There is nothing more rewarding when you use a product that you can trust and you know how to maneuver your way in case of any unwanted accident. In using this product you are reminded also of some dangers that you may encounter during the process.

Before using this coffee thermos, it is crucial to read the manufacturers instruction. This coffee thermos can keep your coffee hot all day, and can also lead to burns resulting from careless handling.

  1. Do not drink directly from the container
  2. Not recommended for use by children
  3. Test temperature of content before consuming
  4. Do not overfill container
  5. Do not microwave this product

These are few of the warning that could lead to harm when this coffee thermos is not used according to the THERMOS L.L.C manufacturer’s instruction.

If you want a guaranteed beverage storage container with no toxic effects, then you have to start considering THERMOS stainless King 40 ounce beverage bottle as your number one choice for convenience and it keeps coffee hot all or cold day.

  • 5-year warranty
  • Lid cup included
  • Sweat proof
  • You have to constantly check the coffee thermos to make sure all gaskets are in position

Best Thermos Water Bottle

Takeya Actives 32oz Insulated Stainless Water Bottle

TAKEYA Actives insulated stainless water bottle with insulated spout lid 32oz will keep your drinks and beverages cool all day with no sweat. This thermos water bottle ensures that the only sweat you will feel during your sport workout will be the only one that comes from your body. Sounds amazing? That is the role a quality product plays. No doubts, this bottle keeps my water cold all day.

Have you ever carried any insulated stainless water bottle that made your bag looked like you accidentally poured some water into it? That is not the case with TAKEYA actives insulated stainless water bottle. It is completely condensation free and maintains cold products for up to 24 hours and some extra hours so that you can enjoy your ice cold drinks and beverages all day even when temperature soars.

As a sports person or someone who drinks a lot of water and are always found of carrying an insulated thermos water bottle; you will need TAKEYA Actives insulated water bottle because it can go extra miles in keeping your water cold all day. You can throw some ice in it, and this thermos water bottle keeps it the way you want it until you are ready to use it.

This thermos water bottle is coated with double powder to ensure that you have a flexible grip and an increased durability. To avoid unwanted dents bumping into the water bottle, TAKEYA made sure that a removable silicon bumper is present to support during an active lifestyle. Consider those days of rattling in the treadmill cup holder to be a thing of the past. This means that the bumper enables you for a quiet set-down which helps your TAKEYA insulated bottle to be secured with any oversize cup holder.

With TAKEYA actives insulated stainless water bottle you wouldn’t have to bother about those reusable cups, and no more toxic substances included in your drinks anymore. This water bottle is constructed with food grade materials that are awesomely recyclable and BPA free materials. This water bottle will keep your cold drinks over and over again.

No more showering yourself when drinking, the insulated sprout allows you to sip, chug or pour your drinks without having to remove the entire lid from the bottle. Great one handed hydration choice for every sports person. TAKEYA Active insulated stainless thermos water bottle has a leak proof lid to protect your drink temperature longer and it is sweat free which also allows you to be stashed to it anywhere; stress free.

This thermos water bottle is easy to clean through the help and comfort the wide mouth feature provides. The wide mouth feature also allows you the opportunity to freely put ice cubes into the bottle. Then the narrow drinkable mouth helps to avoid spills. Have you also considered the silicon band handle that lets you have an easy access opening the bottle even with a wet hand? The leakproof twistable cover protects your drinks from spilling out and food germs from getting in.

TAKEYA Active insulated stainless thermos water bottle has everything you desire from any insulated water bottle and more. It is easy to carry, or swing it somewhere. It has a stainless steel lid on the handle that makes it almost indestructible. Sounds great? Yeah, anyone will agree with you on that. To finish it all, the Hinge-lock helps to lock it out of your face when drinking from it – in the case of a swing. This is the best thermos insulated water bottle you can think about at the moment. There is nothing better than having this thermos insulated water bottle for your maximum comfort.

  • Keeps cold for 24 hours plus (+)
  • BPS free materials
  • Recyclable materials
  • Painted or coated insulated thermos bottles are not generally advisable to wash with the dishwasher

Best Thermos Food Jar

FOOGO Vacuum Insulated 10oz. Food Jar

Talking about this particular feels like someone just won a lottery. Do you wish to know the reason for that positive expression about this product? Then keep digesting the information and as you go along, you will finally find yourself placing an order on this magic thermos food jar.

THERMOS FOOGO Vacuum insulated stainless steel 10-ounce food jar plays a very important role when health and food safety matters are thrown to the table. This product complies with the applicable government and industry standards and regulations including the CPSIA, and guarantees that our food products are safe for consumption.

According to research commissioned by Thermos L.L.C at the Cornell University over THERMOS FOOGO vacuum insulated stainless steel products have shown that it inhibits the growth of bacteria in the laboratory test performed during the research. This actually means that THERMOS FOOGO products have the abilities of keeping liquids cold four times longer than other thermoses that compete with them in the market today. After the research was fully conducted, it was clearly seen that many competitor thermos products in the market had up to 5,000 times the amount of bacteria after sixteen hours.

When it comes to technology, THERMOS FOOGO insulation technology ensures that hot foods and beverages are kept hot and cold stuff are kept cold for longer hours and with the help of its traditional containers, heat finds its way within. This FOOGO insulated technology is masterminded to create an airless space between the exterior and interior walls the container as a result, it helps to keep the food warm for longer period and minimizes temperature changes within the products.

Considering the most genuine and quality thermos food jar in the market? Yes, that is among the things that matter when choosing the best and quality thermos food jar for yourself, your kids and loved one. With so many options in the market today, you may find it very difficult to be able to pick one outstanding and smart thermos food jar that will guarantee that your health and the health of your loved ones are in a better hand.  With that being said; THERMOS FOOGO has been in the production of quality, durable and reliable thermal food and beverage containers for over 110 years. The FOOGO thermos has been trusted by its consumers to produce innovative food and beverage storage containers that promote safe food consumptions and healthy lifestyle.

THERMOS FOOGO ensures that the quality of their products meet the international standard therefore carefully selects premium materials used in production and they also ensure product excellence by testing materials and quality performances throughout the manufacturing process. FOOGO thermos food jar is manufactured for maximum dependability and performance.

With FOOGO thermos vacuum insulated stainless steel 10-ounce food jar, you get the maximum food temperature and retention whether hot or cold. It is double walled and it keeps cold products for up to 7 hours and warm products for up to 5 hours. It is a perfect size for my daughters’ lunch and keeps the food hot. It works great for kids as well. Pack the meals in the morning and at lunch time kids can easily open it to school. Its wide mouth is a big plus and it made it easy to clean whenever.

However, THERMOS FOOGO insulated vacuum stainless steel comes in two sizes: 7 ounces and 10 ounces. This allows parent(s) to be able to determine the best size of foogo thermos food jar that is best for their child’s needs. The lightweight and compact size makes it more comfortable for kids to be able to carry it along and it is condensation free. These difference in sizes make it convenience for babies, toddlers and old kids to carry along.

  • BPA free materials
  • Ergonomically designed lid
  • Dishwasher safe and suitable for all ages
  • It is more expensive than the average thermal food storage container in the market

Best Soup Thermos

LunchBots Wide Thermal 16 oz. All Stainless Steel Bowl

It took us a long while to be able to find this powerful soup thermos because they are the rarest of their kinds in the world of thermoses. Although not everyone likes eat out. This soup thermos by LunchBots is the only answer you need to have your soup for lunch as piping hot as you delivered it from the pot right into the thermal soup storage container.

Carrying soup might be a harder task than carrying just food or beverage drinks. Not all thermoses are designed to be able to hold your soup, liquid food to optimal temperature before consumption. With LunchBots Wide thermal 16oz stainless steel bowl, you are rest assured that what you put in is what you will definitely get in return.  This thermal container keeps the food; cold soup just like one of the Ukrainian national cuisine, “Acroschka,” or any piping hot soup of your choice at right temperature with the help of the lid.

Have you considered the wide mouth of this container? While you might be stacked at work or in school, this thermal food storage container might be the only means for you to have your fresh creamy soup or your warm chili soup making you feel the comfort of your home. Many other soup thermoses have very small mouth that make them uncomfortable to use or eat from.

The 16oz size makes you have a convenient amount of soup for lunch with no shortage in desired quantity.

For cold food products: oatmeal will stay will stay 6 hours in this soup thermos. Yogurt, salads and many other food products remain at great temperatures and ready to eat whenever you desire them. With the help of the wild mouth, it is easy to just open the soup thermos, grab a spoon and dig into the food without any stress.

LunchBots wide thermal 16oz stainless steel is an insulated food storage container with thermal boast a 2-cup capacity that holds full adult meal ideal size. It is also perfect choice for rice bowl or chucky stew. Thanks for the leak proof technology, you can carry it on your way out or throw it into the backpack for your kids to carry to school for lunch without spilling any mess around.

For thermal storage of any kind of liquid food, you can count on the technological innovation and high quality design and materials that LunchBots used to manufacture this amazing soup thermos. Furthermore, think about the 18/8 kitchen standard stainless steel used in the interior that guarantees that no harmful plastic products come near your food. It is also dishwasher safe, durable, stylish quick to clean up. These are the features that everyone seeks for when it comes to a reliable soup thermos. You can’t trade this one for any other.

  • Holds 2-cup capacity full meal
  • Dishwasher friendly
  • Liquid food tolerant
  • Do not over tight when closing or you will never get to open it again

Best Thermos Lunch Box

Vaya Tyffyn 600 ml Insulated Lunch Box

Vaya Tyffyn 600 ml insulated lunch box is the only thermos lunch box that encourages you to stay away from those greasy fast foods or frozen dinners you consume every day.  Being able to prepare and carry some food for yourself or your loved one stops you from the temptations of consuming food and beverages that do not meet the required temperature for safe consumption.

This thermos lunch box enables you to eat better by its ability to retain the taste and hotness of the food even after five hours of transferring the food from the pan to the Vaya Tyffyn 600 ml insulated thermos lunch box.

Unlike ordinary plastic food container that is very hard to clean, this thermos lunch box is very easy clean. Vaya Tyffyn thermos lunch box enables you to rinse off greasy fast food stains with less effort and energy. The oval-shape design gives you the advantages to easily fit it into your bag with other stuff like your laptop and notebooks without tipping while carrying large amount of food. This sounds amazing and they are the qualities you are buying when you purchase this thermal food container.

Now you can say goodbye to freezing and packing an icepacks. You know how stressful that can really be if the ice begins to melt. When using such things as an ice-pack, your mind is mostly focus or programmed to not just how long it takes the ice to melt, but also how to avoid water spilling all over your bag when the ice begins to melt. But with Vaya Tyffyn thermos lunch box, the story is different, you will not have to look for any plastic container to fit in the bag anymore.

If you are that kind of a fancy person that likes your gadgets to look uniform, then consider this thermos lunch box a priority. It comes in several colors that makes it look exactly the way you feel. Each of the containers come in 10z size. This thermal food container was engineered while putting the health of its users in a great consideration. It is BPA free, leak resistant and they are made of stainless steel copper finished containers. They have plastic lids that prevents the food from leakage. They also have great partitions that can enable you to carry variety of foods. Although this thermos lunch box comes in two partitions, it allows you to carry up to four types of foods at the same time.

Considering all the promises and many failures associated with many thermal lunch boxes today in the market, then you realize that your health and the health of your loved ones are to be put at the top of the list when buying thermos lunch box. Vaya Tyffyn thermos lunch box is the answer to healthy eating. They care about you and the environment thereby manufacturing an eco-friendly and decomposable product.

  • FDA approved
  • 100% BPA free
  • Eco-friendly
  • Leak resistant
  • It is not the cheapest thermos lunch box in the market

Best Thermos Coffee Mug

YETI Rambler Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Tumbler

If you are looking for the best thermos coffee mug in the market, YETI Rambler stainless steel vacuum insulated tumbler with Lid is the right answer for you. There are very few thermal coffee mugs in the market today that can really put up and compete with this great product.

The YETI’s Rambler is the first drink ware series that can easily fit into your hand. This series gives you the comfort to hold the thermos coffee mug with one hand without bothering whether it will fall off or not; but it was designed not to. YETI over engineered this thermos coffee mug to be virtually indestructible.

With the technology behind the science of thermal food and beverage storage, this thermos coffee mug is double wall vacuum insulated to keep your drink as cold and as hot as science allows it.

YETI Rambler stainless steel vacuum insulated Tumbler with Lid comes in several sizes: 10oz lowball. This one is your ideal companion during a campfire, outdoors and indoors activities. Whether you like to have your coffee replaced at night with whiskey or whether you prefer the normal coffee shots in the morning, the low-ball vacuum insulated coffee mug will keep your drinks as hot and as cold as you want it for a longer than standard drinkware period of time. This lowball can serve as a glass for your Jack Daniels and you will never have to worry of it dropping down and shattering unlike the casual whiskey glass cups.

If you are thinking about buying the 20oz Rambler Tumbler, this is what you get. You are assured that your beverage drinks will stay icy cold and piping hot for longer hours. No food poisoning and it is BPA free. It is constructed with 18/8 stainless steel body and double wall insulated which means that your beverage drink can still maintain its temperature no matter how often the cup is abused. The no sweat feature that is a trending innovation in 2018 among thermoses are also found in this 20oz YETI Rambler stainless steel thermos coffee mug. It is also dishwasher safe and lets you see through it with the help of the crystal clear Lid so that you can check your drink status with ease.

The 30oz of this great thermal beverage storage container is the ultimate choice as a gift, for cold long hours. I use it for hot or cold beverages. If you like spending time in the dock then consider this YETI Tumbler to be your best option. It can keep your coffee nice and hot throughout the morning period. It does not matter whether you are a long truck driver or you are traveling with your personal or commercial transport, this 30oz insulated vacuum thermos coffee mug is your best choice. It has no sweat design, and constructed with 18/8 stainless steel kitchen grade materials.

The comfort you get from using this YETI Rambler Tumbler stainless steel thermos coffee mug cannot be measured with the cheap price it comes with. One more thing: It has a hats off lid which is dishwasher safe and shatter resistant. Here I can tell you that it is worth to trade quality with price because you get nothing but 100% comfort using this product.

  • It can take larger capacity of beverage drinks
  • Dishwasher friendly
  • BPA free
  • Crystal clear lid cover
  • The price can be a bit expensive
  • It has fake duplicate in the market. However, we advise you read our reviews before buying

Best Thermos Travel Mug

Contigo AUTOSEAL West Loop Travel Mug

Cantigo AUTOSEAL West Loop vacuum insulated stainless steel travel mug with easy-clean Lid is manufactured to suite the need of commuters, movers, travelers, shakers, and basically for the urban explorer in all of us. Now you have a travel mug that protects and prevents you from little mistakes that could always lead to coffee spilling on your white shirt while rushing to get to work in the morning.

When I first saw the Cantigo AUTOSEAL West Loop travel mug and read what it can do, I was glad that they could come up with such a great idea. Now it does not really matter whether you are traveling by car, horse, train, or an RV’s, this travel mug is the ultimate answer. The larger capacity of this travel mug is known to be spill free, and can stay piping hot for longer period of time.

It is ergonomically constructed to give you the firm grip that allows you carry it around without having it easily dropped. This is a very important feature if you think about the early morning rush to get up from bed and rush to get that your favorite coffee shot brewed directly into your travel mug and the rushing out of the house at the same time, you will understand that you even need a travel mug with a handle just like some Zojirushi thermoses for food and beverages.

Not every thermos is great and keeps coffee hot for a long period of time. But Cantigo AUTOSEAL keeps coffee hot for hours. This thermos travel mug is engineered with Thermalock vacuum insulation that helps keep the heat locked inside the thermos travel mug. It is constructed with double wall insulation which helps keep coffee heat inside for up to 7 hours after first pour. This feature you can only find in the best thermos and they are not very cheap also not easy to find.

Have you ever experienced your coffee, juice or water spilling on your computer while surfing the internet of doing some serious work? If you haven’t, I believe that many people have experienced it. For that reason, the Cantigo AUTOSEAL thermos travel mug workmanship specially went extra length using the best quality materials in engineering what is known as the Autoseal Technology for spill proof. With this innovative design, you will be able to avoid spills whether you are working at home, in the office; or studying whether in school or at home as well.

Easy to clean feature is one thing that everyone who enjoys a thermos travel mug would want in his/her thermal travel mug container. With the Cantigo AUTOSEAL thermos travel mug, you do not have to work so hard to get it clean. For that reason, it is manufactured with an easy clean lid that lets you pop open it completely. This enables you get into the nukes and crannies with less effort. The good news about the lid is that it is one connected piece and you do not have to worry misplacing it in the dishwasher or when manually cleaning it.

With the one hand drinking feature that lets you press the button to sip and release to automatically seal it, you can multi-task using the thermos travel mug. This is the comfort that everyone seeks when it comes to products that does the job properly for you; you can count on the Cantigo AUTOSEAL West Loop vacuum insulated stainless steel thermos travel mug.

  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Spill free with optional locking system
  • It is not advisable to clean painted products into dishwasher. NOT dishwasher friendly container
  • Not recommend to carry in bags

Best Stainless Steel Thermos

Healthy Human Stein Water Bottle

Healthy human water bottle- vacuum insulated 18/8 stainless steel stein with Karabiner -4 sizes and 12+ colors is an innovated and insulated bottle that comes in several sizes: 16oz, 21oz, 32oz, and 40oz. They also come in widths of 2.75 up to 3.5, and the heights of 10 to 10.25 which lets you easily throw them into the bag with comfort and gives you an easy carrying access as well.

If you are looking for a stainless steel vacuum insulated bottle with Karabiner that can hold temperature for your water and beverages at maximum time range, then you have just got to think no more because it is only with the Healthy Human that you will get Temp Max double walled vacuum insulation that can keep your drinks hot for up to 12 hours; piping hot for up to 4 hours, and icy cold for up to 24 hours. The steel lined lid ensures that your drinks never come in contact with any plastics. This bottle is BPA free and made from premium 18/8 food grade stainless steel. So do not worry about food poisoning toxins, they have no place with this Healthy Human water bottle.

This water bottle is ice friendly which means that you can easily add ice to your beverage drinks with the help of the Stein’s wide mouth opening. One great thing among others to note about this magic bottle is that one lid fits all the sizes. No room for extra spending.

The truth is that my colleague is still thanking me today after a long while that I gave her the Healthy Human water bottle for her birthday gift. Before making up my mind for this particular magic bottle, I was already looking up to buying her yeti thermos. Not that yeti isn’t a good one, but the Healthy Human vacuum insulated bottle best suits the purpose I bought it for her. As she drinks a lot of water, with the help of the 40oz bottle, I believe that her health will be improve by every single sip she takes from the bottle.

By having this product, you are fully accepting that by meaningful focusing on hydration, we can dramatically change our well-being and the wellbeing of our loved ones while eliminating unwanted waste at the same time

You will be wondering how tough it can really get carrying some water bottles around. But that is not the case with the Healthy Human insulated vacuum bottle. Not only that this bottle can keep your water cold all day, it is constructed with a three finger easy to carry lid that ensures that you are able to carry the bottle everywhere with ease. You can now wave goodbye to water bottle weight lifting or hand gym.  The lightweight propriety of this insulated vacuum eliminates the need for heavy walls and thickness in this product.

With this water bottle, there is no condensation and heat transfer that will lead to the bottle sweating. You can work out how much you want and break sweat, but the Healthy Human insulated vacuum bottle does not sweat. The Healthy Human Company for their Excellency was ranked number 1 in the best Paleo company gear category in 2018.

Many people think that dish washer friendly insulated vacuum bottle is the catch of the century. I am not against. But if you do more research, you will find out that many quality companies that manufacture insulated water bottle will always advice their clients to try washing their bottles themselves or manually without the use of the dishwasher. That truly extends the lifespan of the product. The Healthy Human insulated stainless bottle warns you to always wash your bottle manually.

All you get with this bottle is an easy to care and easy to use characteristics. The wide mouth opening makes cleaning easier and accessible with the help of a bottle brush. Are you scared of left over odors? The rounded edges in the interior never hold on molds or smells in the crease which makes the bottle stays squeaky clean with little or less effort. If you truly want this bottle to live for evergreen you have to properly read the manufacturer’s instructions on the unboxing of the product.  Getting the best water bottle, you will always be happy, and that is the purpose of buying the Healthy Human stainless steel vacuum insulated water bottle.

  • Comes in variety of sizes and colors
  • Tem Max insulated
  • Paleo friendly
  • Extensive 3rd party lab testing US FDA and European safety guideline
  • For the reason that it was manufactured from stainless less, it gets a bit heavier when filled

Best Thermos Flask

Hydro Flask Double Wall Sports Water Bottle

According to the US Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA), and The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), every quality thermos should be BPA free. The hydro flask double walled vacuum insulated stainless steel sports water bottle with wide mouth is constructed with guaranteed BPA free straw lid. The wide mouth is a feature that many people look out for when buying any type of thermos because it grants an easy access to clean the bottle anytime.

This hydro flask with double insulated walls and its wide mouth compatibility also has an additional caps, wide flex caps, wide straw lids which is a great feature that enhances easy drinking access when running or when riding the bicycle. It also has a wide flip lid. Although they are generally sold separately, but they give great support when the hydro flask bottle is in use. Whether as a sports person or someone who likes drinking water or beverages, if you want a reliable and quality brand bottle, this is the best insulated thermos flask you can ever bet for anytime, any day.

This water bottle keeps my water cold all day. This is the best water bottle and it has defined what a true classic outdoor water bottle can be. The 32oz ensures that your beverages is hot enough or icy cold whenever you are in need of it. Having this double walled insulated flask, you will be refreshingly perfect all day and will be willing to spend more extended time wherever you are. With the 40oz, whether you are a nature lover or an outdoor freak, you are assured of being hydrated all day long making it your ideal partner for refreshment solution.

The insulated double walled hydro flask is a TempShield constructed. This is an insulated innovation and technology that guarantees the temperatures of your drinks are at the required state until it is consumed. With this potential, you are sure of bringing cold drinks with you in the morning and you will have it as icy as required in the afternoon. This insulated flask does not allow heat transfer to the outside or grants any means of condensation.

Would you like to spend your hard earned cash for a product that will not last you? The answer is no. Then consider the hydro flask a solution to that long suffering of product quality. Both the 32oz and the 40oz are constructed with the professional food grade stainless steel. So many sports water flasks of its price lack the transfer of product taste from the previous to the present one. With this with its recognized stainless steel metal that has a great strength and purity, you have a flavor transfer protection which does not allow today’s sport drink to taste like yesterday’s coffee.

Unlike many other insulated water flask today that can easily slip away if not firmly held, the insulated hydro flask is easy to grip and not easy to slip off the hands due to the propriety powder coat that guarantees easy grip, extra durability that lets you carry the bottle anywhere and to any adventure, and it is sweat free.

With the help of the TempShield technology, you get the lightest weight and slimmest insulated thermos flask bottle with extra durability and comes in wide range of colors to spice up your gears. If you want to buy an insulated flask and you are still thinking of which one to buy, our advice is stop here and pick this tested, trusted and reliable hydro flask bottle today for your best comfort anywhere, anytime, and any day. This bottle answers all your questions. It is time to wave goodbye to insulated bottle anxieties. This bottle helps you stay refreshed and hydrated all the time.

  • Phthalate free and toxin free
  • Eco friendly
  • Flask and all its accessories are made BPA free
  • Safe for kids and adults
  • Paying for supporting accessories makes the bottle cost little bit more than the actual price.

Best Kids’ Thermos

OmieBox Bento Stainless Steel Insulated Vacuum Food Flask

The OmieBox bento lunch box with insulated thermos for kids has it all. You might be wondering or asking what the deal with this thermos is? That is the question you will be answering yourself if your kids do not eat their lunch at school. That can scare the hell out me if I was in your position.

Super parents pack an average of 180 lunch boxes for their kids every school year putting in consideration the importance of their child’s health. What else should you put in consideration as a parent(s) knowing that your child’s health is at a high risk if the food does not contain the proper nutrients during consumption? These parents also worry about sugar content, and preservatives and this is not an easy task. As a result, all their efforts to make their children’s lunch a fun, to their greatest dismay, becomes a failure with so many insulated kids lunch boxes they had tried; and not until OmieBox bento lunch box with insulated thermos for kids was produced by parents who also went true that kind of pain and decided to take action against it.

The OmieBox bento lunch box is designed with two types of insulations that let you pack cold and hot foods together with an inbuilt thermos food jar that ensures the food is warm until its lunch time. Many kids lunch boxes that are said to compete with the bento lost the fight because bento kid’s lunch box is leak proof, double walled and air insulated to keep fruits cool and vegetables fresh.

Kids love everything around them to be fun. Their lunch box shouldn’t be an exception. The bento lunch box has smart features that make kids to enjoy their lunch time and at the same time have fun. This lunch box is easy to open and easy to clean. A great lunch box for 5 year old and above. The OmieBox bento lunch box has a shallow tray with rounded edges which enables the kids to be able to scoop food out easily. The bento lunch box has a handle on the lid side of the thermos that gives kids easy access to the thermos food jar. My neighbor’s son uses one made by Stanley thermos. But it’s more to adults than to a school kid. So if you are shopping an insulated thermos lunch box for yourself; consider Stanley to be a great option.

Having a perfect lunch box for your kid, you will need one that is versatile. The bento lunch box gives you the opportunity to also pack sandwiches with the help of the removable divider to create an additional compartment. I love that my daughter loves this lunch box. Although she is 4 year old, she can still maneuver her way with the bento lunch box.

The OmieBox bento lunch box for kids is firmly constructed and super durable which means that you will not have to worry about damage in many years to come. It has a firmly designed handle that makes it look like a briefcase- which it is and that ensures that your kid can easily carry it as a form of a food briefcase and a storage container for kids as well.

With its 3 leakproof compartments that ensure the lunch is always fresh and looks yummy, kids only need to flip open the hinged bento box lid and the lunch will be right available before them. As a parent(s) that truly love(s) and care about the kid’s health, there is no better option when shopping for a durable, reliable and an insulated lunch box for your kid.

  • BPA free
  • Sturdy
  • Slim design helps to fit easily into backpack
  • After packing the lunch, the lunch box becomes heavier and not every child can put up with it

Precise Thermos Buying Guide

Welcome ladies and gentlemen once more to our marvelous website. If you are reading this precise thermos buying guide, it means that you have been thinking of purchasing a thermos or the one you already have isn’t working perfectly and you are not satisfied with it. Or maybe you are even thinking of buying thermos as a gift for a member of your family, a friend or a colleague. In whichever reason you are reading this guide, you are on the right page and keep reading till the end.
Before going any further I want to let you know that thermos is the name of a thermal food storage popular brand that has engulfed the word, “thermal storage.” So in this guide we will be using the word thermos often. Just know that we meant, “Thermal”

However, thermos is an insulated bottle or container manufactured with an in-lined insulating material such as polystyrene to keep food beverages and ordinary liquid such as water cold or hot for a reasonable period of time.

Furthermore, the quality of the thermos you are buying will always have a serious cost impact on the thermos. This means that the better quality, the higher the price. But the question is: will you trade quality for price? A decision that can only be made by few people.

Now that you have fully understood what thermos is made for; I think your mind is fully opened and you are beginning to picture more reasons to have a thermos and the purposes a thermos could serve for you and the reasons you might need one if you do not have any at the moment. However, with all that being said, it’s time to look into the importance of having a thermos.

Shopping for thermos for food storage, you will need to ensure that it meets the US safety standards especially for those manufacturers that are not US based. The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) and The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) ensured there is a proper guideline for materials used in the production of thermoses which include metals and plastics.

Safe thermos brand should be free of:

  1. BPA
  2. Phthalates free and the exact limitations recommended by the US law
  3. Should be lead-free

Importance of having a thermos

Generally, when thinking about thermos, you have to know that a good thermos keeps cold things cold and hot things hot. If you have been using thermos you will understand it.

Unlike a school child who goes to school with his lunch box and before its lunch time, his food is already cold. Unless he uses the magic device, “thermos” he will never understand what a thermos really is.

If you haven’t been going to picnics or BBQ parties with friends, family and loved ones, colleagues from work or haven’t been invited to one, then you might probably be missing out something. If you have been to picnics and BBQ parties and so on, you will find out that most foods and drinks are being transported from home to the picnic or party place in a special container. Those special containers are called thermos because they keep the food warm and the drinks cold for a reasonable period of time.

Going to work and likes having your coffee or tea with you to drink during lunch and you do not have a microwave in the office or in the school? That is not what a travel mug can do. All you need is a thermos. They can keep your tea and coffee super warm and will be fresh for drinking at the appropriate time.

You can also carry your lunch along using the thermos and you are guaranteed of having it at least warm during the lunchtime. That is almost 8 hours interval. Thermoses are very beneficial both for outdoors and indoors.

Compare price and quality before buying

Before buying any gadget, price and quality should be seriously considered when doing market research for a particular product. Read reviews from other customer’s that have been using the product and find out what they are saying about the product. Ask questions yourself. Dig deep into the internet for the exact product when you have time. But in this guide, we have done it all for you. For more details about our selected thermos with considerable prices and great qualities, click here.

Have you ever wondered why thermos work? Have you ever thought about whether a thermos has any heating or cooling element in it? The answer to both question is no, thermos do not have any heating or cooling system inside. Rather it was constructed with materials that have high quality heat retentive material. However, that plays a great role, but thermos construction technology is what helps it to hold heat or cold for long. Air is being drawn out between the two constructed walls of the materials used, thereby leaving a vacuum that does not welcome heat particles.

If you want a quality thermos that can hold temperature in both cold and hot conditions, do not expect it to be the cheapest in the market.

One last thing to add here is that a cheap thermos will have lower retention capacity than an expensive or premium thermos. A word of advice, “it is better to cry once than to cry every time.”

Thermos and heat/coldness retention

As mentioned earlier in this guide about thermos and quality. Now let’s take and in-depth look on which thermos that best serves a particular purposes and some of their slight differences.

When buying a thermos, you should already know the purpose. But here we are going to look more on the thermos that we can use to keep our foods and drinks warm. Although, thermos can keep hot for hot and cold food cold a reasonable period of time.

Thermos for foodsThermos for coffee and tea
Many people think that thermos are only made for liquids: water, coffee tea. Then answer is no. thermos are also meant for keeping food warm for school kids and adults who carry lunch with them to work or to school. There are specially designed thermos that serve this purpose and that is where the thermos food jar, thermos lunch box, and best soup thermos come to play an important role.

However, when buying thermos for carrying your lunch, you should consider the size which will have an impact on the quantity of food you can carry. Thermos for hot food are mostly insulated thermos just like every other quality thermos specially designed to carry food and food products to keep them warm for a reasonable time.

Furthermore, it is very important to find out whether it is double walled, triple walled or insulated. According to the estimation of CDC, 1 in 6 Americans fall sick, 128, 000 get hospitalized, 3,000 die of foodborne related diseases each year.

Endeavor that your lunch is properly packed at the required temperature. Make sure you pack hot food very hot and cold food very cold.

[Warning] Try to pack your food at safe temperature. Not only children are at higher risk of foodborne diseases, but pregnant women and elderly people as well [/warning]

Make sure that it does not accumulate water. I hope you know what condensation means? If there is condensation; that means it will rain. Watch out so that it doesn’t rain in your food. Buy thermos specially made for food.

Unlike any other, when buying thermos for coffee and tea, there are wide range of and various manufacturers that run the race of whose product will dominate the market such as Stanley thermos, Yeti thermos or even thermos funtainer.

Thinking of which are great and durable for keeping your tea or coffee warn for desired time? Then consider buying the coffee thermos or thermos coffee mug. They are the best for keeping your coffee and tea hot long enough.

Also make sure that the internal part of the thermos you are buying for tea or coffee is either stainless steel or glass. You do not need a thermos that will generate an awful smell if you happen to forget washing it or if you leave the tea in it for longer than expected period.

Ability to hold ice for long

Most people think that anything that is named thermos should be able to hold heat and cold food products and beverages as well. Yes I agree with you on that saying, but that is absolutely the other way round in some cases.

Some say thermos vacuum insulated are the best, while others say glass thermos, whichever you are buying for icy products, endeavor it meets the standard requirements.

There are thermoses that are specially designed for cold products and those that are specially designed for hot products. Not every thermos that is designed for cold food products can as well hold ice-cubes. I know that may sound awful or strange, but that is the truth. Even if it’s written on the thermos that is can hold your drinks for 20 hours does not mean they are promising you that the thermos can hold an ice. These are two different issues.

If having ice drinks is crucial to you, then you might want to consider buying the thermos that can accommodate ice-blocks and that has a wide opening to enable you to be able to deposit the ice. You might also want to consider the quality of materials used in the production of the thermos. It is advisable that when buying thermos, you should also make mention of the use to the retailer. I understand you already know the one to buy. But making a mention to the retailer will contribute positively. Many retailers will be in the position to advise on the best ones that suite your need.

Things to look out for when buying thermos

“Watch-out,” can be the best advice to give to a friend, colleague, loved one or family in times when you think they need it most. Thermos isn’t just a fun bottle or container, it is a magic bottle/container that makes sure that you have your food and beverages at the exact temperature you expected to have it during consumption.

Whether you are camping, hiking, fishing, hunting, going for picnics/BBQ’s, parties and whatever the need for a thermos may arise, it is very important to watch-out for some must have features of a quality thermos.

Below are most of the things that you have to pay attention to when shopping for a reliable thermos. Do consider that your health is in-line for choosing a thermos that does not meet the required standard by the US/EU standards.

In considering the number of people that die every year due to foodborne related diseases, you should be very careful and attentive when choosing a thermal food and beverage storing container.

Retention CapacityDurable materialHandling comfortSize & volumeCup includedEasy cleaning
If you have a thermos at home and you do not know if it really works. Maybe your mother or father bought it a long time ago and you still doubt whether it still works. Try and put it to test. Either to cold or to hot test. If you are subjecting it to hot test. Get hot water that reached normal boiling temperature. Pour it into the thermos and cover it. Measure the temperature every hour. You will need a thermometer for that. Get a paper and if you know how to plot a graph, then do and watch the thermos for every hour and input your findings in your graph. You will be amazed on the length of time the thermos can hold on. The same thing can also be done using water above cooling temperature and study how long it stays until normal room temperature.

The retention capacity of a thermos strongly depends on the brand and quality of the material used for its production. These information should be found on the owner’s manual. If not, you should ask the retailer before putting your money down. Do not buy a thermos that does not have it detailed description from the manufacturer.

Most of the best thermal containers in the market today will hold your cold food products for up to 24 hours and the hot food for 12 hours. But the only thing to bear in mind about these kinds of thermoses is that you will have to do some extra spending. Do not forget that good quality products always take some extra costs.

This is a critical one. For a thermos to be able to retain the temperature and for as long as it says, if you are buying a thermos, try to buy the one that is made of high quality materials.

Stainless still is regarded as one of the most durable when it comes to such products and its manufacturing process. With the help of the stainless steel materials, you will get a thermos that will not easily get damage under an abusive usage. It also helps for great retentive temperature.

You may also want to look into the walling, making sure thermos is double or triple walled gives you some guarantee that it should be able to keep your foods and drinks in the appropriate temperature for the required amount of time or long enough.

Always check for BPA free thermos when buying and it should meet the standard recommended by the US (CPSIA) and (CPSC) laws. These informations should be seen boldly on the packaging to be sure you are buying a safe thermos.

How you carry around your thermos and its comforts during use is another thing to put in consideration when buying a thermos. Having a thermos that has a handle that enables you to carry it around or hang it across your should will be great. If you have noticed it, most, if not all thermos do not have any supporting hand that makes it easy to carry them around without placing them in the side pocket of the bag or inside. So, try considering one with such feature.

The most important thing to consider when buying a thermos is your purpose of wanting one. Although many are manufactured in an ergonomic design that lets you have a good grip on them hen in use. The comfort of the thermos depends on the reason you bought it. Always make sure that you choose the right one that meets your reason for buying it. There are good number of thermal containers that are made by Thermos Company that have handles to enable you will easy use when necessary.

Size is an important factor to consider when buying a thermos. Depending on your purpose of buying it, you might want to consider something more compactible if you are a hiker. But you also want a thermos that you can take you at least half the day before thinking of refilling it. But it should not be heavy for you to drag around.

Although, larger thermoses can contain more stuff. We all know about that, but buying a thermos that you can easily slide into the side pocket of your bag will be an ideal thermos for you. Except you have a personal means of transport (car or RV’s), then you can buy any size of thermos. But for school kids and nature lovers, they need more compact thermos.

Some people may ask: does having a cup with thermos play an important role? Does it really play any role? As much as I know, many people may consider this not to be an important issue. But they never think of sanitary drinking before jumping into concluding whether a cup is a necessity when buying thermos.

As for me, I am sorry to say that I really cannot drink from one little sprout with number of people. Think of saliva transmitted diseases (tuberculosis) and so many others that we are not mentioning here because we are not in medical academy to lecture you about all that.

Although having a cup included in your thermos, does depend on the size. They are mostly found in the larger thermoses. However, there are larger thermoses that do not come with cup. This is a decision and a choice that individual person makes during the time he/she is shopping for a thermos. The thermos cup in some thermoses serve as a lid and are found on the top of the container and as soon as you open the cap they flip up.

This depends on the shape and size of your thermos. There are thermoses with wider mouth and there are some with smaller mouth. The role that mouth size plays is during cleaning. Thermos with wider mouth is easier to get the cloth and soap inside in order to be able to get it properly washed.  In this case, thermos with smaller mouth is quite difficult to wash because you will encounter difficulties if you wish to get the inside properly washed.

You might also want to consider the materials that is used in the inside and outside. One thing that we discovered during our research is that the easier you are able to clean/wash your thermos, the more frequently you use it.

Knowing the material used in the production of your thermos will give you some insight on how to clean and handle it to avoid stains that might be very difficult for you to get rid of. You may need to buy a thermos that if you mistakenly drops it into dirt, you can easily pick it up and dust it. These type of thermos are mainly made of stainless steels.

Thermos against all weathers

Have you ever thought about how thermos that are made for hot food and beverages work during the winter? During winter when the weather is freezing, do you think a thermos that can hold hot food in summer for up to 12 hours can do the same in winter? Well, let’s take a quick tour below and find out what weather influence can be on a thermal storage container during a particular time of the season of the year and the things to attentively look out for when buying.

These are the four seasons that we experience almost everywhere in the US all year round. But I have heard lot of people complaining about their thermos not standing off so strong in winter than it does in others seasons of the year.

This is as a result of, in winter, you can make a cup of tea with water that went through a normal boiling temperature and before you could know it your tea or coffee is as cold as if you made yourself an ice-tea or ice-coffee. The same thing can happen to you if you do not carefully select the best quality thermos that could stand off for a reasonable period of time during winter.   Such thermoses are hard to find and you will have to pay twice or even trice the price of an ordinary thermos for such types of target thermoses.

Some say best thermos for coffee, others say thermos mug. I will tell you what I think and what you should put in consideration when buying such thermoses. Make sure they are made of the best quality materials ever, either insulated thermos or double or tripled walled thermos will do the job. But you will have to pay heavily for such types of thermal storage containers.

Lastly, if a thermos can stand winter and serves its purposes, do not worry about autumn, spring or summer, because winter coldness amounts the coldness if these three seasons are combined together. So one good winter thermos can serve the purpose for other seasons of the year.

We have elaborated a lot about materials, types and qualities in this guide. So take note, such thermoses are made with highly durable materials and they can be very expensive.

Thermos and safety measures

It is far better to be safe than sorry, said by Nancy Donley, the president of the STOP Foodborne Illnesses. Most young parent(s) tend to only think of how to get that young child out from the bed every morning, get him/her fed and off for school. In doing this, they tend to pay less attention to the child’s lunch box and safety which should be considered in the first place.

Even adults themselves are not left out in this scenario when some grown-ups tend to wake up some few minutes before heading off for work. In this situation, everything is being rushed to maximum rate so that they are able to get prepared and pop out the door for work. But the only question that is attached to this morning rushing hour is: Who you going to consider your health and food safety if you don’t?

As proven by American Center for Disease Control (CDC), 31 organisms are recognized to be the initiators of 9.4 million of most food related illnesses, however 38.4 million people are sickened by unknown pathogens. New species of microorganisms are being discovered every time. Try to adhere to thermos quality when buying one. Make sure it meets the standard approved by the US law.

When buying thermos, it is important to know there is risk in food poisoning if you make any mistakes. It is advised to try as much as you can to mitigate those risks associated with food poisoning. Children are most known to be more vulnerable consequences of food poisoning, maybe it’s time to start paying full attention to their lunch box.

A proper thermos lunch box instruction for kids and everyone else begins by keeping what is hot to be hot and what is cold to be cold until the consumption time. The failure to maintain the standard food temperature before consumption may lead to un-expected bacteria growth.

Insulated, double or triple walled thermoses can help keep food safer for consumption. Most people and parents are more concerned about the design and style. No one is against you buying fancy thermos, but consider worrying more about the construction and not the design.

When buying a thermos, try to read the instructions that comes with it. This will help you know the exact time the thermos can hold temperature. This also may vary depending on the size, quality, and the kind of thermos you are buying.

Whether or not your thermos is dishwasher friendly, it is better to manually wash it as this may help you to prolong the life span of your thermal container.

Consider packing your hot or cold food into the thermos just before you leave your home. Packing it some hours before might lead to lesser holding time. So pack just before you leave to keep longer temperature.

Pack cold foods ice cold and hot food steaming hot. When you open your food thermos and finds out that food is below the expected temperature, it is advisable to throw food away as foodborne illnesses are rampant nowadays. If you have any left overs, try to dispose and do not consume. Appropriate storing temperatures: 40F for cold foods and 165F for hot foods

Take your time when opening thermos because hot foods can burn. This mainly concerns children who might need help when opening the thermos during lunch. Children are the most vulnerable in such situation and they need more attention.

Some thermos are made especially for liquids. For example soup thermos or flask. These kind of thermos can only keep cold food cold and hot food hot if the food in it is liquid such as stew, soup, and without liquid the thermos will not function as appropriate.


Why do most food and beverage thermoses have a plastic lid?
Most thermoses have plastic lid to their caps to elevate their chances of better insulation and heat retention
Why is it necessary to buy thermos food and beverage containers that are made of 18/8 stainless steel?
18/8 stainless steel is a safe recommended food grade metal used in most kitchen products. These type of metals are usually rust resistant
I have seen a lot of thermal food and beverage containers that are written BPA free. What is the importance of buying a BPA free thermos container?

The word BPA stand for bisphenol A. it is an industrial chemical used in the production of certain plastics and resins especially containers that are used in the storage of food and beverages.

Exposures to BPA is a great concern due to possible health effects associated with the brain, children, behavior and prostate gland of fetuses, and infant. BPA is also known to have a link related to high blood pressures.

Thus, (FDA) The Food and Drug Administration in the United Stated of America claimed that BPA is safe when consumed in a very little amount that may occur in some foods. So try as much as you can to avoid it.

Is there any way I can avoid pinhole leak when shopping for thermoses?
Let me start by saying that pinhole leaks occurs right from the manufacturing process as a result of small air bubbles being trapped in the steel which leads to pinhole. As this happens unnoticed with some thermos manufacturing companies, it is advisable to always buy thermos containers with warranty and good return policy
Why is it that most coated thermal containers are not dishwasher friendly?
unlike stainless steel thermos containers, the coated counterparts can be scratched if cleaned with a dishwasher thereby making the finishes look very rough. Although some, but very few coated thermos containers are said to be dishwasher friendly but has to be place on the top rack of the dishwasher
How can I detect or differentiate between thermos food and beverage containers that are specially made for cold or for hot products?
Read the manufacturer’s instruction on whether the thermos is better for cold or hot products. There are thermoses that keep hot foods and beverages longer than cold products. And there are thermoses that keep cold foods and beverages longer than hot products. Do proper research before buying. But everything that you need to know about these is here in our guide. For more information on thermos reviews click here
Daniel Anderson :Daniel Anderson is a 28 years old Texas-born international Chef. As a young child, Dan developed an interest in cooking when he was 8 years old. Dan has traveled to North America, Europe, and Middle Asia sharing his cooking knowledge.